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Biking Fever

Whether road bike, e-bike or the good old Dutch bike: cycling is an ideal way to do sports and protect the environment in good weather! Photo: Tiffany Nutt (

Tracks (15)

  1. Piano Samba Tune UBM 2265

    Laid-back bossa nova that takes you right back to the 1950s and 1960s.

  2. Urbanisation UBM 2301

    Starting with an ambient atmosphere, the track slowly builds into a driving backdrop for a drive through a metropole, as new york for example.

  3. JUAJE EA001

    Something special: A simple melody! Repetitive but with a lot of variation.

  4. The Runner UBM 2358

    Serious and determined; propulsive bass drum and synthesizers that work for sports programs but also the dancefloor.

  5. Angel Dust UBM 2269

    A positive rock song with electric guitars that sounds rough, strong and dynamic. With guitar solo and choir.

  6. Adrenaline UBM 2312

    Up-tempo, driving, neo-punk song exciting and flowing.

  7. Construction Views UBM 2279

    Stumbling, complex electronic beat with strings and acoustic bass, suitable for sports or time-lapses.

  8. Brownish Beat UBM 2210

    Positive, funky mid-tempo jam. Ideal for daytime TV, sports and leisure. Brass accents and an infectiously groovy beat.

  9. The Big Fuzz UBM 2372

    No-nonsense rock song at medium tempo. Powerful, confident and damn cool ...

  10. Heroes In Brazil UBM 2214

    Clubby, powerful and celebrating dance music track.

  11. Mississippi River Blues UBM 2159

    happy, joyful, sweeping