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Tensions between the left and right camps have prevailed in Brazil since the change of political power in the presidency. On January 8th, 2023, the Supreme Court, Congress and the Presidential Palace were stormed by government opponents in the capital.

Tracks (14)

  1. Expansion UBM 2475

    Pulsating, subtly menacing electronic track for reports on white-collar crime, global crises or human rights issues.

  2. Underworld 2.0 UBM 2232

    Exciting track for crime scenes and shady deals.

  3. Can't Stop UBM 2240

    Dark soundscape with a cool trumpet theme. Longing, meaningful, serious. For articles about crises and disasters.

  4. Melting Iceberg UBM 2283

    A deep flowing composition, conveying tension.

  5. Open Secrets UBM 2378

    Acoustic guitar samples meet fast hihats and a bass beat. Perfect for documentaries, podcasts and articles about youth culture, trend sports and street fashion.

  6. Samba Do Voar UBM 2417

    This happy samba exudes passion and lightness at the same time. South American flair and authentic instrumentation.

  7. Ticking Danger UBM 2426

    Electric guitar, bells and drones create an aura of subtle danger. Slowly increasing intensity. Mid-tempo.

  8. Clayton UBM 2258

    This track starts with scary drums and claps. The tempo increases. Piano sets in. A hectical, threatening and frightening mood predominates.

  9. Ritmo UBM 2428

    Lively samba guitars and percussion create a warm, cordial atmosphere full of esprit.

  10. Spying Network UBM 2297

    Dark, yet light electronica, with light industrial elements.

  11. Brazilia ARTFCD13

    Joyous samba rhythms

  12. Frankenstein UBM 2345

    Chase of an arpeggiator and a sequence.

  13. Piano Samba Tune UBM 2265

    Laid-back bossa nova that takes you right back to the 1950s and 1960s.