Playlist image 19 - 23 October 2022: Frankfurt Book Fair with guest country Spain
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19 - 23 October 2022: Frankfurt Book Fair with guest country Spain

This year's Frankfurt Book Fair opens on October 19th. The traditional fair was founded in 1949 by the German Book Trade Association. Under the motto "Sparkling Creativity", this year's guest country Spain presents developments and currents in the literary and cultural life of this fascinating country. Photo by Pickawood on Unsplash

Tracks (18)

  1. Streets of Sevilla UBM 2457

    The black cat sneaks through the narrow streets of Santa Cruz. There are all sorts of things to discover in the Andalusian evening sun.

  2. Ritmo Por Favor UBM 2374

    Rhythmic sounds with guitars, castanets and percussion create a Spanish flair. For holiday reports and documentation about the Spanish way of life.

  3. A Cortazar En Rayuela UBM 2252

    Melancholic solo piano piece that makes you contemplate. Lonely, regretting and sad.

  4. Tomares TWPM 041

    At the campfire or on the dance floor; a dynamic flamenco to dream of faraway Andalusia.

  5. Tradicion UBM 2311

    Spain, Spanish, folk, world music, authentic, passion, wistful, acoustic guitar, travel, voyage. 

  6. Vertical UBM 2326

    Calm, jazzy, late night, fascinating, floating.

  7. Amor Español UBM 2412

    Raise the curtain for the captivating attitude towards life in Spain. The rhythmic flamenco guitars and the fiery accordion sound like passion, temperament and sociability.

  8. Acoustic Swing 1 UBM 2280

    Jazz swing music, ideally accompanied by a cigar and a glass of whiskey. Tasteful, slow, sedate.

  9. Hojas de abril UBM 2142

    Demanding piece with acoustic guitar and alto saxophone. Ideal for demanding documentaries, biographical contributions.

  10. Gently Swinging UBM 2417

    A bittersweet ballad with a slight Balkan jazz note. Emotional and with a gentle swing.

  11. Honfleur UBM 2410

    The perfect music for contemporary social issues such as slowing down, minimalist life and the sharing economy.

  12. Hella Skronk UBM 2443

    Piano, metallophone and drums are juxtaposed in free interplay without any recognizable principle of order. Chaos and conflict as well as creatively inspiring friction hover in the air.

  13. Gipsy Dance HT0049

    A guitar duo makes everybody dance on the street. Has a gypsy/ flamenco/ Spanish guitar vibe.

  14. Thoughtful Marimba UBM 2270

    This track is thoughtful yet relaxing and positive. Marimba, piano.

  15. Volver UBM 2318

    Very soulful spanish track. Passionate voice.

  16. Einstein UBM 2303

    Ambient-style meets Hip Hop. Relaxed track. with a light electro swing feel to it.

  17. Gravitation UBM 2289

    Sorrow and melancholia would be well underlayed with this piece. Or a lonely forgotten world.

  18. 215 AM UBM 2451

    Sleepy chill-out track with unusually detailed rhythmic foundation. Suggests gentle movement in nocturnal urban spaces.