Playlist image July 20: International Chess Day
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July 20: International Chess Day

International Chess Day is a worldwide day of action celebrated annually on July 20th. It is the founding day of FIDE, the international chess federation. This was launched in 1924. On the occasion of its birthday, FIDE organizes numerous events and competitions all over the world. Photo by Damiano Lingauri on Unsplash

Tracks (21)

  1. Under Pressure UBM 2488

    The clock is ticking and the nervous quiz candidate is already beading with sweat. Will he still be able to find the solution and take home the generous prize money?

  2. Take A Bow UBM 2470

    Slowly building track with several scratchy, intertwined string motifs. Later complemented by a sparse, modern electronic beat and single, bright piano notes. For topics of upheaval or news broadcasts about turbulent world events.

  3. Kick and Soul UBM 2459

    Casual and serene, this track radiates superior coolness. Bang on as an underscore for classy product presentations, as well as for lit skate vids.

  4. Playful Drums UBM 2500

    Jazzy improvised drums with a lot of spatial sound. Perfect for art magazines, features on music culture or extraordinary advertising. 60 BPM.

  5. Construction Views UBM 2279

    Stumbling, complex electronic beat with strings and acoustic bass, suitable for sports or time-lapses.

  6. Ice Waterfalls UBM 2447

    Statically advancing, percussive piano piece with high-pitched, energetic arpeggios that shoot back and forth in the stereo image. Partial dissolution into a softer motif towards the end.

  7. Quiet Space UBM 2451

    Test image on cathode ray tube – a blue reflection illuminating woodchip living landscapes. True neutral.

  8. Within UBM 2274

    Neutral, technical and consistent. Ideal for industrial and renewable energy images.

  9. Deep Learning UBM 2442

    Floating pentatonic synthesizer arpeggios paired with sparse, electronic beats convey an impression of plasticity. A fitting track for illustrating complex processes of learning.

  10. Labirintis UBM 2443

    Floating piano arpeggios, contrasted by single double bass notes and brisk drum interjections convey an open, invigorating impression.

  11. Nervous Dreams UBM 2341

    Confused and unable to fall back to sleep. Tension is spreading. Marimba and guitar create minimal nervous mood.

  12. Shadow Aspects UBM 2408

    Subtle, focused. The laboratory team is following a hot lead.

  13. No More Emptiness UBM 2469

    Single piano notes and a minimal, percussive electric guitar part over a slightly eerie synthesiser pad. Conveys a feeling of vulnerability or loneliness and (social) coldness.

  14. Swimming Through The Void UBM 2445

    Meditative soundscape for underwater recordings and apps that help you fall asleep. Healing and calming.

  15. It's Fact UBM 2238

    Serious, slightly dark track with subtly increasing intensity.

  16. Tech Conference UBM 2394

    Fast arpeggios, the sound of analog synthesizers and experimental sound elements characterize this retro track. Hip, urban, confident.

  17. Minimalus No.5 UBM 2430

    Regularly and unobtrusively. A simple piano motif is surrounded by warm ambient pads.

  18. Vibrant Bells UBM 2207

    Pop-infused minimal music. Reverberant, steady and vibrant. Slowly evolving, open and crystal clear.

  19. Turn Back UBM 2448

    Cool big city sound that goes well with urban reporting.

  20. Mild Awakening UBM 2265

    Reduced Marimba track; tension is built up. Ideal for investigative images.

  21. The Story Unfolds UBM 2389

    Neutral, subtly exciting music for an opening scene. It is not yet clear where the story will go ...