Playlist image Chill beats for work & study
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Chill beats for work & study

Stuck at home? Try this collection of relaxed beats from jazzy to trippy as a backdrop for focused work. Photo: marcus aurelius at

Tracks (19)

  1. Nightshift UBM 2272

    Soundtrack for a big city. Suitable for images of quickly passing lights, bars and clubs. With piano, chilled drum beat, electric bass.

  2. Mellow Beats UBM 2128

    Floating rhodes chords and smooth hiphop groove

  3. Glazed UBM 2340

    Relaxed down-tempo, instrumental hip-hop. Elegant strings and warm drums create an atmosphere of subtle glamour.

  4. Schroedingers Cat UBM 2303

    R'n'B retro Hip Hop with a French touch and female vocal samples. Cool and sophisticated. Delicate violins.

  5. Bass Of Hope UBM 2280

    Retro-style drum beat with a laidback bassline and typical vinyl crackling.

  6. Autofreier Sonntag UBM 2368

    Relaxed and warm as a sunny summer day. This jazz composition sounds urban and stress-free, peaceful and dreamy.

  7. Digestif UBM 2386

    Quiet, chill-out, relaxed. The aftershow has started. Ideal sound for late night programs.

  8. Floater UBM 2267

    Floating hip hop groove with claps and scratches. This slow, groovy track is loopable, neutral and calm.

  9. Vertical UBM 2326

    Calm, jazzy, late night, fascinating, floating.

  10. Altitude UBM 2301

    Airy, neutral, light. Spherical sounds for current topics such as new technologies, sustainability and innovations.

  11. Sonar Explorer UBM 2179

    Relaxed, meditative and yet eventful. For documentaries about space travel.

  12. Dub It Up UBM 2224

    Modern combination of guitar and electronic elements. Laid-back, urban and smooth.

  13. In The Bar UBM 2318

    Abstract beginning turns into chilled lounge tune. Slightly jazzy, urban sound.

  14. Lonesome Groove UBM 2271

    Groovy, lazy and tired. This track is suitable both as lounge music and for programs about a drug intoxication.

  15. Space Cosmos UBM 2305

    Mysterious, exotic, warm, fascinating, laid-back, new age.

  16. My Downtime UBM 2254

    Neutral, consistent track. Tired, sleepy, listless.

  17. Sequence Dream UBM 2414

    Cool electronica with claps, bass synthesizer and arpeggios in medium tempo. Casual and catchy.