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Climate Change

The past heat wave lets us feel the consequences of climate change. But instead of just sweating, let's ask one more question: How can we protect the climate? Enlightenment helps - every documentation supports the education; each of us can do something about climate change: with its consumption and everyday behavior. LET's do it.

Tracks (35)

  1. Climate Change UBM 2361

    The climate is about to collapse. It´s five minutes to midnight. Haunting chimes, ticking clocks and dark, spherical soundscapes convey an end-time mood.

  2. Seagulls Flight UBM 2186

    sparse yet full of energy & optimistic tension

  3. High Voltage Line UBM 2348

    Determined and confident. Time is ticking away…

  4. Hydro Power UBM 2184

    Modern, technological, clear. Hydropower as an innovative beacon of hope for sustainable energy generation.

  5. Icy Wind UBM 2259

    An ice-cold snowstorm sweeps across the country and turns the area into an ice desert within minutes. Frosty, merciless, hostile to life.

  6. Brand New Feeling UBM 2360

    This track builds tension and at the same time sounds optimistic and future-oriented. Slow pace.

  7. Bioreactor UBM 2119

    Ethereal bells, peaceful harmonies, free tempo.

  8. In Danger UBM 2363

    Throbbing, assertive and menacing. Fast paced suspense.

  9. Cellar Room UBM 2110

    modern & deep electronic oscillation, lifeless, observant, stringy clusters

  10. A Family Home UBM 2364

    Slow and ponderous, then building in intensity until the finale.

  11. Dark Matters UBM 2346

    Dangerous and alarming sounding electronic track.

  12. Crime IV - Why Me UBM 2335

    Bleak composition for tragedy, the aftermath of a catastrophe or frozen environments. Cold, eerie, leaving very little hope.

  13. Inupiat UBM 2339

    Hissing sounds that suggest emptiness, cold temperatures and difficult conditions.

  14. Atomic Desert UBM 2180

    cold, sharp, displeasing, desparate

  15. Narrow UBM 2168

    ominous; steadily floating

  16. Alaska - Anvik UBM 2246

    Forgiving, peaceful, ambient guitar piece.

  17. Absent Smiles UBM 2263

    Mystical, majestic, peaceful. The first rays of sun shine through the treetops. For nature documentaries.

  18. It's Done UBM 2285

    A slightly sad orchestrated piece with piano, violin and strings. For flashbacks, tasteful portraits or eyewitness reports from the Second World War.

  19. Thule UBM 2339

    Mystic, enigmatic, abstract, bubbling.

  20. Before The Storm ARTFCD47

    Portentous big atmosphere

  21. Epic UBM 2295

    Thoughtful, serious and strong track. Dynamic strings and oriental singing. Works well for action scenes, political documentation as well as docutainment.

  22. Sunlight On Water UBM 2283

    Flowing mid-tempo track; ticking electronica.

  23. Comfort Zone ARTFCD18

    Warm pads and piano motif

  24. Crime V - Site Of Crime UBM 2335

    Between avant-garde contemporary classical and post-apocalypic film score. Desolate, serious, beyond all hope.

  25. Gift UBM 2351

    Dramatic events take their course. Serious, momentous, foreboding.

  26. Hazy Forest UBM 2271

    Obscure track that creates an oppressive feeling. Ideal for dark and lonely places. Synthesizer.

  27. Natural Wonder UBM 2178

    pastoral & panoramic feelgood tune

  28. Lost Humanity UBM 2306

    Starts with dark piano, then synthesizer and drums slowly set in. Ideal for images of desperation, threat and aftermath of war.

  29. Undercover UBM 2363

    Pure percussive excitement with strong suspense filled overtones.

  30. March Of Death UBM 2285

    A brooding, suspense-filled orchestral soundscape for tense scenes. Partially dissonant, threatening, very serious.

  31. Operation UBM 2296

    Deployment of the troops. Terror and violence.

  32. Unseen Forces UBM 2361

    Unseen forces pull the strings in the background. Moderately pulsating rhythms, ticking clocks and dark piano sounds.

  33. Dorset UBM 2339

    Majestic sounds for wide open landscapes, flight and untouched nature.