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Music makes advertising unique, recognizable and ensures that it is remembered. We have compiled a tracklist with the best music for rousing, exciting and emotional advertising. If you are missing the right track, take a look at our library or just send us an email.

Tracks (21)

  1. Clever Coup UBM 2264

    Happy, lively music for light films and comedies. Acoustic guitar, tuba.

  2. Springtime Awakening UBM 2399

    For comedy, children's films and cheerful animation. Slight vintage touch.

  3. Peripheria UBM 2341

    Slow artistic beat. Female samples full of desire.

  4. Life Without Tricks UBM 2360

    Friendly, flowing track for topics such as communication, design, product development, networking, fundraising, research and software.

  5. Megalodon UBM 2453

    Danger approaches and eventually turns into an attack. Exciting track for superhero movies.

  6. Healthy Snacks UBM 2396

    Positive jingle with piano and whistling. Perfect for regional food products for children.

  7. Pushy Bass UBM 2265

    Fast, urgent, positive. Ideal for advertisement and fairs. Bass.

  8. Quirky Times UBM 2385

    Hip, young and dynamic, this track is suitable for podcasts and reports on youth culture, gaming, sports or gossip news.

  9. Brass - big open UBM 2129

    Short cut opener/trailer for television, commercials & cinema

  10. Optimistic Change UBM 2382

    Positive, optimistic, innovative. This track spreads hope. Ideal for reports on innovative technologies and smart ideas.

  11. Future Beat UBM 2411

    Sluggish track with a swinging ride and a repetitive vocals sample. Tough, confident, fresh.

  12. Melt It UBM 2116

    Midtempo, hiphop guitar fx and fat groove.

  13. Next Level UBM 2414

    Hard electronic score with influences from hip hop and trap. Urban, tough, cool.

  14. Cheeky Monkey UBM 2290

    Ukulele, percussion and an old school brass and reed section. Quirky mid-tempo track with a laid-back, clever vibe.

  15. Cool Fox UBM 2321

    Laid-back, sleek and bold. This fun track radiates confidence and nonchalance.

  16. Rebellious UBM 2235

    Slightly cheesy, sneaky tune with an air of mystery. Castagnets, bells and pizzicato strings.

  17. Clearwater Trouble UBM 2264

    Cool rock'n'roll sound with electric guitar and drums for action-packed images.

  18. Curious Fox UBM 2441

    Curious and in a hurry. Playful piano motif with a synthesizer that starts later.

  19. Dirty Times UBM 2343

    Luscious big band blues. Groovy, energizing, classy.

  20. Zwölfer UBM 2320

    Balkan style dulcimer and percussion. For authentic background music for features about European mountains.