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Conspiracy Theories

Almost every day new conspiracy theories are heard and some are persistent. They all try to explain a state, an event or a development through the targeted, conspiratorial work of a mostly small group of actors for an often illegal or illegitimate purpose. Photo by Tom Radetzki (

Tracks (16)

  1. Fake News UBM 2346

    Busy string theme for breaking news and develoing stories. Urgent, serious, on point.

  2. Ominous Tones UBM 2208

    Mysterious and slightly unsettling. Marimba as the leading instrument, muffled drumbeat and a steady soundscape underneath.

  3. Money UBM 2237

    Shady deals in dark backrooms…this track expresses the power of greed and criminal energy. Also works for images of research and investigation.

  4. Deep Signal Pulse UBM 2352

    Pulsating soundscape with subliminal threatening mood.

  5. Infiltration UBM 2295

    Powerful drums and menacing synth sounds make the track perfect for grim topics ranging from political abuses to criminal machinations.

  6. Cosmos ARTFCD92

    Deep and portentous bed

  7. Total Collapse UBM 2192

    steady & scary horror tension; frozen

  8. Conspiracy UBM 2361

    Illegal collusion and intrigues destabilise political systems. Investigative journalists reveal dark machinations behind the scenes.

  9. Conspiracy Investigations UBM 2291

    Anxiously awaiting results or the build up to the moment of truth.

  10. Intermission UBM 2306

    Piano, synthesizer and distorted electric sounds evoke a feeling of the frightening unknown. Orchestral sound which works for mystery as well as science-fiction.

  11. Bias UBM 2278

    Neutral, electronic music, suitable for obscure business, financial markets, cryptocurrency and political calculations.

  12. Shady Promotion UBM 2249

    The threat is slowly approaching. Nerve-racking mood and tension to the extreme. Is the hiding place safe enough? For horror films and thrillers.

  13. Conspiracy Attack UBM 2247

    Cinematic underscore for images of faint danger and uncertainty.

  14. Entanglement ARTFCD101

    A dark and covert liason between fretless bass and alto flute