Playlist image May 6, 2023: Coronation of King Charles III. in London
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May 6, 2023: Coronation of King Charles III. in London

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II in autumn 2022, Charles III. made king of England. After the mourning period, his official coronation will take place on May 6th in Westminster Abbey. Photo: Manuel Weber on Unsplash

Tracks (15)

  1. Symphobia UBM 2462

    Our fascination with Europe's royal houses is unbroken. Dramatic events, weddings and separations, farewells and departures: here is the right background music!

  2. Royal Reception UBM 2470

    A messenger from His Majesty the King rides through the castle gates to announce the good news to the peasants and farmhands present: The prince is born! Dietbrecht was his name. Quickly, to the tavern, to imbibe titillating drinks in his honour!

  3. Royal Garden UBM 2404

    This composition for strings and choir sounds elegant and light-footed.

  4. Setting Sun UBM 2336

    Enchanting composition that accompanies the beginning of a romantic evening. Beautiful, magical, cinematic.

  5. Schonbrunn Flowers TWAS 003

    Sunny, smiling, vivid string quartet.

  6. A Luxury Product NT001

    Idyllic track that sometimes plays royal tones. Tasteful, reserved and yet elegant.

  7. Walk Through The Garden UBM 2481

    Spring awakening in nature and butterflies in the stomach. With piano and gentle string pads.

  8. The Old Monastery UBM 2474

    The Rhineland has numerous cultural and historically valuable sights that can be dated back to the Middle Ages and Roman times. Not surprisingly, several sites in the region are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This track underscores cultural features in an unobtrusive and tasteful way with a little bit of magic.

  9. A Lofty Affair UBM 2476

    The court jester provides the best entertainment at the royal palace. Warm, ironic, in a good mood.

  10. Brass Blues UBM 2236

    Powerful brass create a sense of royal superiority. For posts about royalty.

  11. Waltz From The Past UBM 2380

    Melancholy piano waltz. Excellent for longing love films and family sagas.

  12. Auld Lang Syne UBM 2446

    "Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?" asks this world-famous old folk tune based on a text by the Scottish national poet Robert Burns. People around the globe fervently intone this song at the turn of every year, lying in each other's arms in fraternal union.

  13. Thy Life's A Miracle 1 UBM 2416

    Sensitive and dreamy, tender and relaxed. Bedtime song with acoustic guitar and glockenspiel.

  14. The King's Court UBM 2427

    Medieval musical mood for podcasts and articles about royal intrigues and confusions.

  15. Divine Service UBM 2244

    Solemn lead cello over string accompaniment inspired by the baroque classics. Ceremonial, tasteful and moving.