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Tracks (17)

  1. Immortal Warrior TWPM 044

    Dark tense fantasy action trailer with hard-hitting drums, psychotic synth arpeggios and koto like melody. Sinister electronic ambience builds into futuristic trance beats with EDM lead.

  2. Think Big UBM 2378

    Sampled police sirens, trombones and a hectic, crisp beat create an atmosphere of tension, haste and the exciting life in the big city.

  3. Digital Farm UBM 2485

    Too much is not enough! Overwrought hyperpop anthem with an uncompromising 4/4 bass drum, bustling synth cascades and vocoder vocals from a different, somehow better sphere. The soundtrack for many rounds of breakdancers immediately after a large portion of cotton candy.

  4. City Wolf UBM 2315

    Contemporary dynamic club sound with hints of trap and dubstep. Ideal for images of youth, clubbing, fashion and night owls.

  5. Urban Architects UBM 2479

    Extensive parks with public sports facilities, mirrored skyscrapers and wide cycle paths characterize urban city planning today. This neutral track is the appropriate accompaniment for reports about it.

  6. Slow Motion UBM 2358

    Opening dance track for football and other sports. This title gives hope with a catchy piano melody.

  7. Temple Room UBM 2378

    Starts as a slightly threatening track with repetitive bass synthesizer and mid-tempo click. Reduced bridge in a more relaxed mood.

  8. Venga UBM 2358

    This fun electro dance track is reminiscent of the classic old 90s. Perfect for a work out.

  9. No Stopping UBM 2478

    Bass-heavy trap for reports from urban centers. Subtly menacing, confident, purposeful.

  10. Team Action UBM 2426

    Motivational, inspiring music for images of groups gathering, getting to work and making a difference. Also great for image films, start-up culture, campaign ads and tutorials.

  11. Mono Twice UBM 2301

    Heartbeat and dark synthesizers. Starts as a mysterious, puzzling track for film and documentaries until the beat kicks in at 1:13 p.m. and turns into a contemporary EDM track with fat synthesizers and a hectic snare.

  12. Minimalus No.1 UBM 2430

    Crystalline strings and warm pads create an atmosphere of urgency and passion. For reports on dramatic events, time lapse of large cities or advertising for luxury items such as perfume and jewelry.

  13. Strong Future UBM 2426

    Motivating, particularly optimistic hymn to a better future. Fresh, youthful, energetic. With piano arpeggios, ticking percussion, driving strings and an emotional guitar melody. Perfect for YouTube with environmental content or exciting promotional videos.