Playlist image Cultural Capitals 2020

Cultural Capitals 2020

The 2020 cultural capitals are Rijeka in Croatia and Galway in Ireland.

Tracks (18)

  1. Balkan Combo UBM 2265

    Happy, snappy Balkan-sound. Perfect for sunny, positive images and family celebrations. Acoustic guitar.

  2. Well Done UBM 2286

    Happy, positive Celtic music, great for a friendly gathering outside.

  3. Celtic Travels ARTFCD03

    Flute & fiddle feature

  4. Zwölfer UBM 2320

    Cheerful, prancing, waltz, brass, piano; Dulcimer and percussion in Balkan style, double bass, tuba, horns, accordion, hands clapping, modern folk dance.

  5. Dance Of The Leprechaun HT0049

    Sounds like a fun Irish drinking song, creating a party atmosphere that is good for St. Patrick's Day.

  6. Highland Rose UBM 2367

    An atmospheric flowing intro from piano that leads into the highland pipes and flutes to take you on an inspirational voyage through the wild beauty of scotland.

  7. Omally's Pub ACL232

    Gritty, blues flavored, air drum inducing bar rock that sounds best with the volume up. Featuring driving drum fills, bagpipe, accordion, and electric guitar.

  8. Palaver UBM 2321

    Light-footed, authentic track that combines fast and repetitive piano lines with a klezmer-infused violin and a stuttering trumpet. Authentic and exciting.

  9. Morning Dew UBM 2356

    Open classical airy piece with celtic influences.

  10. August Trails ACL227

    Fun, acoustic retail track. Fast paced and energetic with a touch of americana/Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Mumford and Sons

  11. A Joyus Day UBM 2364

    Positive, building joy with a light celtic sound.

  12. Interstellar Circus UBM 2236

    klezmer; avantgarde; clarinet; ensemble; circus; zoo; honky-tonk; piano; oldschool; vintage

  13. Celtic Landscape ARTFCD13

    Pipe and bodran mood

  14. Together Again UBM 2248

    This hopeful and optimistic piano composition works for all things positive and graceful: weddings, fond memories and wonders of nature.

  15. Klezmeresque UBM 2194

    Inspired by eastern european klezmer music, this joyful piece radiates warmth, energy and a love for tradition. Increasing tempo.

  16. Mauchline UBM 2359

    Happy, Scottish-sounding theme with acoustic guitar and violin. For travelogues, historical documentaries and advertising with folkloric flair.

  17. Fallen Warrior HT0016

    World Celtic track with a dramatic feeling like suffering loss after a war