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Dating Shows

TV formats in which the participants are looking for the love of their lives have been trendy for several years. Whether on islands, farms or in the classic studio: flirting has no boundaries here. Image: Debashis RC Biswas on

Tracks (30)

  1. Fields of Thoughts UBM 2466

    The lights of the city blur into a sea of glitter, the last subway brings the last commuters back to their residential areas. Modern sound with ticking hihats and a catchy melody.

  2. Casino ARTFCD114

    Mellow electric piano gives a warm and Summery sound

  3. Cascading thoughts TWPM 039

    Slow building melancholic felt piano chords with a shimmering top, accompanied by occasional strings, arriving to a grounded synth bed. For the big emotions.

  4. A New Dawn UBM 2470

    Single rays of dazzling light fall onto a pillow, broken by a fogged up window pane. A new day begins. For morning hours, new beginnings and renewed social cohesion.

  5. Matajari TWPM 041

    This solo guitar piece sounds like romantic longing under a fiery sky. Slightly melancholic, the journey goes to the Spanish beach.

  6. Angel Kiss UBM 2318

    Laid-back, slightly lost in thought, repetitive. Piano, strings, drums and a warm guitar. Perfect for daytime TV and love.

  7. Luxury Mansion UBM 2482

    Relaxed guitar sounds and a subtle beat accompany images of luxurious homes.

  8. The Bossa Nova Night UBM 2473

    This Valentine's Day, we invite you to think outside the box and embark on a culinary journey to Latin America.

  9. Dirty Times UBM 2343

    Luscious big band blues. Groovy, energizing, classy.

  10. Slow Dance Evenings UBM 2481

    A romantic candlelight dinner makes for unforgettable moments. What matters more than the choice of food is the right company as well as the ambience.

  11. New Day With Her UBM 2392

    The perfect start to the day: positive, energetic, harmonious. Ideal for advertising cereals, coffee, shower or cosmetic products.

  12. Online Dating UBM 2396

    Interested and curious. Ideal as a jingle for single exchanges and dating agencies.

  13. Coffee First UBM 2399

    Casual bossa sound to relax and enjoy. For pictures of holidays, Sunday mornings on the terrace and in fine dining.

  14. Together TWPM 048

    Positive pop song with light disco feel and motivational female vocals.

  15. Wait For Destiny UBM 2478

    Mid-paced hip-hop instrumental for podcasts and online formats. Warm bass and string samples ensure a relaxed mood.

  16. The Next Dance UBM 2328

    Playful, light-hearted, slightly ironic ball dance tune. Nostalgic instrumentation and very positive, comical mood.

  17. Art Of Love UBM 2362

    Romantic solo piano. Reminiscing, sensitive, soulful.

  18. Royal Garden UBM 2404

    This composition for strings and choir sounds elegant and light-footed.

  19. The Sky So Blue UBM 2397

    An idyllic get-together on a mild summer evening with good food, a romantic campfire and full of harmony. For family films or laundry detergent advertisements that convey the feeling of an ideal world.

  20. Poisoned Taco UBM 2401

    Subtly ironic tango with a vintage flair. The right sound for images of seductive femme fatal and cool gangsters.

  21. I Like You UBM 2391

    The newly in love couple make themselves comfortable in front of the fireplace with a blanket and hot cocoa. Romantic, warm, peaceful.

  22. Cocktail Party UBM 2369

    Bossa Nova reminiscent of 1950s Hollywod. Elegant, pensive and relaxed, this track suits positive, atmospheric pictures.

  23. Call On Me TWPM 020

    Positive, party vibe 90's style pop song with male vocals inspired by the great boy bands of the time with a touch of fiery Flamenco.

  24. Good Vibrations UBM 2385

    This idyllic composition suits DIY projects, renovation shows and generally positive topics.

  25. Blue Velvet Blues UBM 2483

    Subdued light, an exquisite cocktail and furniture covered with fine velvet: this atmosphere arises in front of the inner eye when listening to this smooth track. The solo electric guitar, the modulating piano and the lush strings would look good on any Hollywood classic.

  26. Diary UBM 2367

    Slow relaxing, calming atmosphere, warm piano for contemplative moments, with smooth spiralling strings.

  27. The Sun Is Up UBM 2359

    Carefree picking acoustic guitars, flowing, happy, relaxed.

  28. Leaving Me UBM 2324

    Slow and sad solo piano. Melancholy mood.