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Easter is the feast of the resurrection of Christ and next to Pentecost the oldest and highest festival of the Christian church. For the Easter date (first Sunday after the spring full moon), the Jewish festival Passover was originally decisive. The numerous regional Easter customs in Central Europe are partly of Christian-mythological (Easter lamb, Easter eggs), partly Germanic (Easter fire), but also unclear origin (Easter bunny).

Tracks (19)

  1. Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem UBM 2100

    Bells of one of the largest and oldest churches in the centre of Jerusalem's Old City

  2. Sunday Brunch UBM 2419

    Warm fingerpicking guitars and strings create a warm atmosphere. Serene, close to nature, unadulterated.

  3. Sacred Hallelujah UBM 2375

    Singing monks in the cloister of a huge cathedral. Mystical and powerful.

  4. Prelude Fugue Gm HT0400

    Bombastic pipe organ prelude followed by fast moving fugue.

  5. Courtly Love UBM 2371

    Modest, medieval track for high court culture and festive church events like a wedding.

  6. Life Without Tricks UBM 2450

    Friendly, flowing track for topics such as communication, design, product development, networking, fundraising, research and software.

  7. Morning Person UBM 2399

    Timid composition for piano, acoustic guitar and woodwind. Wonderful morning mood for pictures of untouched nature and calm landscape.

  8. Miel Des Fleurs UBM 2353

    A nice open flowing, with deeper elements for contemplation.

  9. Toy Tale UBM 2451

    The auditory equivalent to what the first Toy Story part looks like. Child-friendly, dynamic and bouncy. Suitable for features about smart kids, explorative youth, children's quiz shows or video games with agile plumber brothers.

  10. Feather Dance UBM 2362

    Dreamy, naturalistic piano. Single tones like raindrops or sunbeams on the surface of a lake. Relaxing, minimalist.

  11. Medieval Dance 4 UBM 2379

    Medieval dance music in the 14th century castle courtyard. With hurdy-gurdy and flute.

  12. Sunny Accordion UBM 2369

    Harmonious, idyllic, easy listening. Perfect for the early evening program.

  13. Curious Fox UBM 2441

    Curious and in a hurry. Playful piano motif with a synthesizer that starts later.

  14. Autumn Was Yesterday UBM 2284

    Romantic guitar-melody that is suitable for images of the countryside or the change of seasons.

  15. Carefree Children UBM 2365

    Easygoing piano melody meets acoustic guitar and strings, creating a relaxed, airy and carefree atmosphere. Suitable for romantic comedies and family pictures in nature.

  16. Dry Grass UBM 2337

    Warm instrumented folk song for images of fun outdoor activites for the whole family.

  17. Funky Time UBM 2436

    Funky-jazzy track that exudes joie de vivre and curiosity. Cool, clever, smart.