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Eastern Europe

The Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko is currently in the news for escalating the refugee situation at the EU-border to Poland. A humanitarian crisis is imminent. Photo: Simon Hurry on Unsplash.

Tracks (16)

  1. Just a Russian Waltz UBM 2342

    Melancholia, solitude and endless landscapes are all reflected in this pensive piece. Beautifully instrumented and played slow waltz.

  2. Delicate Touch UBM 2335

    Shimmering electronic arpeggios meet minimalistic strings. The haunting sountrack to a quiet walk through a winter landscape.

  3. Fairyland UBM 2417

    The piano and harp introduce this composition, which gradually develops into a lively setting of enchanted worlds carried by pizzicato strings and clarinet.

  4. My White Shawl Platochek Belen'Kiy Folk-Pop HT0426

    This gentle love song is bult on traditonal Russian folk harmony with hybrid arrangement of Russian folk instruments, percussion, and minimal electronics.

  5. Poyekhali Moscow ARTFCD112

    Chill hop hop beats tinged with sadness and melancholy

  6. Enemy Within ARTFCD54

    Driving orchestral strings and percussion with climatic ending

  7. Offense UBM 2295

    Action-packed, suspense-filled orchestral track which evokes feelings of danger and threat. Drums, synthesizer, cymbals, strings and male chorus reminds one of battle scenes and images of fast interaction. Perfect for trailers.

  8. European Crisis UBM 2361

    The European Union is in danger of breaking up. The Brexit was only the beginning! Epic male choirs, ticking clocks, and modern spherical sounds convey the immediate danger.

  9. Eastern Taiga UBM 2374

    Imposing orchestral recordings, mystical and majestic. Perfect for nature documentaries about the vastness of Siberia, the taiga, and romantic winter landscapes.

  10. Riot UBM 2431

    The brass band moves through the village. Humorous, traditional, with a lot of character. For articles about culture in the Balkans, circus, zoo or country life.

  11. Sneaky Fox UBM 2432

    The detective has taken the lead and is gathering clues. Playful soundtrack with a retro touch, great for family TV, ironic commentary or flashbacks.

  12. Moving Into The Ghetto UBM 2285

    Touching Lamento played on piano and violin. Graceful, sad, emotional.

  13. Russian Soldier UBM 2292

    With a cimbalom and passionate female vocals: A simple yet dramatic traditional track.

  14. Russian Hospitality UBM 2412

    The lively melody, influenced by Eastern European folk music, goes perfectly with programs on Russian culture, Balkan cuisine or travel magazines.

  15. Poem UBM 2155

    Colourfully effective and deeply felt musical poem by Czech composer Zdenek Fibich, late 19th century.

  16. Recovery UBM 2266

    Relief, healing, relaxation. The war is over.