Playlist image August 27: First Day of School in Berlin
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August 27: First Day of School in Berlin

August 29, 2022, is the first day of school after the summer holidays at most schools in Berlin. Two days before, the school enrollment ceremony for the first graders is celebrated with the family. Traditionally, the little ones receive a school cone (or candy cone) full of presents on this day.

Tracks (11)

  1. First Day At School UBM 2365

    Airy guitar and piano piece with romantic strings in the background. Perfect for a fresh new start full of energy and optimism.

  2. Chopper UBM 2290

    Easy listening 60´s pop type tune that radiates happiness and optimism. Lively strings play a memorable theme that will surely stick in your head. Funky and fun!

  3. Feeling Good UBM 2399

    Carefree, happy instrumental with ukulele and handclaps. Great background music for tutorial videos, kids programs, DIY podcasts, and crowdfunding campaigns.

  4. Lovely Life UBM 2436

    Sunday morning: the family gathers around the lovingly laid breakfast table. This cheerful composition offers the right soundtrack to images of harmony and conviviality.

  5. Coffee Table Boogaloo UBM 2458

    The stands are set up at the flea market, dealers and buyers look forward to exciting negotiations. This cheerful rock 'n' roll matches the happy anticipation.

  6. Wonderful World UBM 2417

    Happy, child-friendly music for pictures of harmonious family life, sustainable lifestyle and carefree times.

  7. Worm Cast UBM 2321

    Guitar and oldschool synthesizer in a sweet mid-tempo track somewhere between folk and electronica.

  8. BFF UBM 2459

    A solid ambience in the same familiar quality we've come to appreciate. Smoothly underlined by authentic lofi beats. For streetwear shops or subcultural tutorials.

  9. Mice On Rollerskates UBM 2456

    Curious composition for electronic organ and flute. Hasty, funny, idiosyncratic.

  10. Lazy Day UBM 2194

    Acoustic guitar duet, like the soundtrack to a relaxing beach holiday.