Playlist image October 17, 2020: International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

October 17, 2020: International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

In 1992 the General Assembly of the United Nations declared October 17th International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. The "World Day to Overcome Poverty" is linked to three issues: (1) Appreciating the resistance of people affected by poverty to misery and exclusion. (2) Make the needy and marginalized people heard and talk to them. (3) Working with the very poor to ensure that everyone's rights really apply to everyone. Photo: Nick Fewings (

Tracks (15)

  1. Civil Rights UBM 2361

    Desperate fight for civil rights. A pulsating bass, ticking clocks, piano and spheric sounds are supported by orchestral instruments.

  2. Promise UBM 2324

    Decisive, confident, expressive mood. Solo piano.

  3. Propaganda UBM 2363

    Pulsating and enthralling with a slight taste of menace. Deep piano tones with restless strings.

  4. Hopeful Turn UBM 2382

    Urgent, serious and enlightened. Ideal track for topics like equality, political power struggle or the power of social movements like #metoo.

  5. Initial Order UBM 2257

    Consistent piano melody, which is continuously expanded by percussive and electronic elements. For features on underground artists and art scenes.

  6. The Contender HT0016

    Melancholy piano loop is joined to a hip hop beat and orchestra.

  7. Street Life UBM 2385

    This hip-hop track fits perfectly on issues of social injustice, social grievances and racist crimes. Dark, urban and critical.

  8. Far From Home UBM 2390

    Thoughtful theme for piano and strings. Quiet, level-headed, peaceful.

  9. Invented Borders UBM 2387

    Menacing piano piece with string elements. Reports on war crimes, humanitarian disasters and failed refugee policies can be accompanied with this track.

  10. Black Cards UBM 2378

    Dark, serious track, the intensity of which gradually increases. Medium pace.

  11. Dreaming My Life UBM 2368

    Stylish, slightly melancholic jazz with trumpet, piano and acoustic guitar. Catchy main melody. Thoughtful, sophisticated, elegant.

  12. Horizon UBM 2356

    Flowing, vast, contemplative, expansive scenes fit perfectly with this composition.

  13. Lost In Time UBM 2354

    Thoughtful, not too heavy pop ballad with acoustic guitar and piano. Warm, emotional and great for pictures of beautiful memories.


    Breathy synth with weird effects

  15. Controller ARTFCD102

    Dark and cautious progressions with synth repeats and alto flute theme