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European Union

The European Union is an association of 27 European countries. In terms of gross domestic product, the EU internal market is the largest common economic area on earth.

Tracks (14)

  1. Lavendel UBM 2353

    A light and breezy, piano led track, with cello accompaniment.

  2. Moonlight Shining On The Pier UBM 2327

    Slightly melancholy yet hopeful acoustic guitar theme with longin violin melody.

  3. A Fairy Tale UBM 2250

    Beautifully instrumented track that is both reflective and relaxing. Ideal for images of soul food, picnic and family reunions.

  4. French Cuisine UBM 2369

    Lively Bossa Nova track with a French touch. Perfect for cooking programs or travel magazines.

  5. Welcome To Greece UBM 2188

    Typical Greek sounds are reminiscent of the traditional Sirtaki. Heartfelt, warm and cheerful.

  6. The Good Waltz UBM 2342

    Variations on a waltz. A longing theme evolves into a baroque dance, turns into a Sicilienne followed by a fugue, only to land in the world of Russian romance.

  7. Echo UBM 2320

    Fanfare-like trumpet echos with cowbell arpeggio, synthesizer pulse and alphorn choir. Positive, epic, majestic. With flugelhorn, alpine horn, cowbell and baritone horn.

  8. Almeria UBM 2311

    Spanish guitar, acoustic, passionate, romantic, traditional, folk, lively, vibrant, festive, flamenco.

  9. Sea Waltz UBM 2336

    Sweet and innocent, this playful little waltz recalls untouched flora and fauna.

  10. Palaver UBM 2321

    Light-footed, authentic track that combines fast and repetitive piano lines with a klezmer-infused violin and a stuttering trumpet. Authentic and exciting.

  11. Marins UBM 2286

    Proud, traditional track with accordion, flute and claps. Irish hospitality and a sense of community are transported musically.

  12. Parisian Café ARTFCD39

    Hot club style jazz

  13. Que Quieras UBM 2318

    Melancholy spanish guitar with beautiful voices. Very sentimental.

  14. High-Mountain Scotland UBM 2313

    Peaceful Scottish theme with mandolin, bagpipe, keyboard and snare drum.