Playlist image October 1st - March 31st: Expo 2020 in Dubai
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October 1st - March 31st: Expo 2020 in Dubai

The world exhibition Expo 2020 will take place in Dubai from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022 under the motto “Connect thoughts, create the future”. The reason for the postponement was the effects of the global corona pandemic. 190 participating countries contribute exhibits on the key topics of sustainability, mobility and opportunities. Photo by Safdar Hussain on Unsplash

Tracks (16)

  1. Road To Dubai UBM 2432

    Electronica with a touch of the Far East for travel reports and geopolitical magazines.

  2. The Progress UBM 2433

    Arabic sounding strings and a breakbeat create an explosive mixture here. Urgent, urgent, intercultural.

  3. Space Traveller UBM 2154

    sparkling, enthused, glowing

  4. Solar Charging UBM 2429

    Warm, overlapping sounds of the spheres. Hopeful, utopian, peaceful.

  5. Arabic Market UBM 2319

    Busy like a middle-eastern market. With drums and flutes, influenced by Arabic music and Western film scores alike.

  6. Data Highway UBM 2394

    Warm synthesizers, flutes and flowing arpeggios determine this retro track for sophisticated TV, documentaries and podcasts.

  7. Sphere MG 02 UBM 2140

    melodic arpeggio, making progress, new device

  8. State Of The Heart UBM 2173

    reflective & descriptive yet agitated

  9. Density UBM 2326

    Mellow, warm, friendly, open, mid-tempo, ethnic.

  10. Minimalus No.3 UBM 2430

    Fast, flowing minimal music for contributions to cultural topics or pioneering manufacturing processes.

  11. Snakepit UBM 2411

    Oriental-inspired composition with percussion and sampled flute. Here tradition meets modernity!

  12. Hydro Power UBM 2184

    Modern, technological, clear. Hydropower as an innovative beacon of hope for sustainable energy generation.

  13. Very Last Try UBM 2360

    Gentle, motivating, yet majestic and light. For image films, brands and advertising that inspires confidence and confidence.

  14. Rhythm Bells UBM 2352

    New age composition with rhythmic bells and percussive drums. Urgent, unusual, artistic.

  15. Atomic Nucleus UBM 2305

    Chilled-out track; dreamy and relaxed. Great percussion groove to create an easy flow to the track.