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Forces of Nature

Whether earthquakes, heat waves, major fires, volcanic eruptions or storms: the power of the elements on our planet shows up again and again. They are the basis of all life on earth, but they also have destructive powers. Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Tracks (23)

  1. Soil Pollution TWPM 036

    Minimal somber piano chords begin the track, which builds to an eerie tension with a delicate string section.

  2. Suffocated By Pollution UBM 2495

    Smog alarm in dozens of German city centres: The record heat keeps the emissions of private cars piling up in rush-hour traffic trapped close above the grey asphalt of the roadway. Driving bans are imminent, there is acute danger to health.

  3. Ticking Danger UBM 2426

    Electric guitar, bells and drones create an aura of subtle danger. Slowly increasing intensity. Mid-tempo.

  4. Nocebo UBM 2503

    Impending doom, gloomy announcement. An unsettling minimalist piano figure and echoing synthesizers make you nervous. Perfect for scenes of tense restlessness, for time pressure and inner turmoil.

  5. Sahara Resetyu UBM 2460

    Every spring for three days, the Chamsin overtakes the people of the Levant, bringing unbearable heat and sandstorms to the land. Creates an impression of desolate barrenness and emptiness.

  6. Seismic Tensions UBM 2361

    Seismic tensions inevitably lead to "The Big One". Deeply wobbling basses, ticking clocks and trembling percussive hits create a sinister mood.

  7. Stopped Time TWPM 056

    Sparse dramatic treated felt piano solo with soft, floating synth textures.

  8. Approaching Threat UBM 2491

    In the early 21st century, humanity faces a multitude of new challenges, the crushing weight of which is straining social coexistence to the breaking point. Ticking, with a worrying undertone.

  9. Downturns UBM 2475

    The problems and challenges that are rapidly increasing as a result of globalization include environmental pollution and the exploitation of workers in so-called low-wage countries.

  10. Time Stood Still UBM 2330

    The calm after the disaster. Quiet fragile track. Thoughtful and sentimental.

  11. Infected UBM 2418

    A storm is brewing, gloomy premonitions turn into terrible truths. Disturbing, profound, threatening. Swelling strings are complemented by creepy chimes.

  12. Organized Chaos UBM 2472

    Since the devastating meteorite impact on the northern hemisphere of the planet, the few survivors wage a never-ending battle against their inevitable fate. An oppressive, surreal soundscape with alienated female vocals.

  13. Cartel UBM 2274

    Disturbing underscore with ticking time in the background. Suitable for topics such as the climate crisis, species extinction and supernatural threats.

  14. Delusional Perception UBM 2398

    Experimental composition that is suitable for illustrating states of intoxication, disorientation and excessive demands.

  15. Icy Sparkles UBM 2388

    Cold, windy, majestic. The listener is taken into an icy snowy landscape full of natural wonders. Perfectly suited for nature documentaries and features about climate change.

  16. Below The Ice UBM 2445

    Under the thin layer of ice, the crystal-clear water flows slowly. Cold, frozen, filigree. For nature documentaries.

  17. Ocean Awakens UBM 2370

    Uptempo, flowing, building and ebbing with emotion and drama.

  18. Terrible Tornado UBM 2395

    Chaotic soundscape for images of storms, extreme weather conditions and gruesome activity.

  19. A Dark Sky UBM 2364

    Light open and Airy, slightly contemplative and meditative.

  20. No Way Out UBM 2302

    Subtle dark mystery, slowly building in excitement.

  21. Mean Danger UBM 2180

    Dark, subtle track for sci-fi, thriller or crime content.

  22. Volcanic Landscape UBM 2186

    dangerous, brusque, dark

  23. Deep Sea UBM 2152

    wafting drones with sparse cello accents, numb, static