Playlist image 10./24. April: Presidential elections in France
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10./24. April: Presidential elections in France

In April of this year, the presidential elections in France (Élection présidentielle française de 2022) will be held for the twelfth time to elect the President of the Fifth French Republic. The first round of voting is dated April 10, 2022 after the end of the current five-year term of office (Quinquennat). If no candidate receives an absolute majority of the votes in the first ballot, a second ballot will be necessary on April 24th. Photo by Anthony Tan on Unsplash

Tracks (20)

  1. Review UBM 2432

    Contributions about politics, election campaigns or economic developments benefit from this track that conveys subtle tension.

  2. Spirit UBM 2351

    Lively marimba and longing strings create a serious atmosphere that matches films and documentaries about politics, society and the economy.

  3. K I UBM 2439

    Mid tempo electronic track that works for news magazines on politics and crime but also technology, science and robotics.

  4. Turning Point UBM 2402

    For modern reports and podcats on social topics. Moods between neutral and subtly pressing.

  5. Focused Strings UBM 2275

    The strings create an urgent, serious sound, while the piano sounds playful and light. Perfect for film expositions or news.

  6. Cold Sunday UBM 2417

    This waltz for accordion and clarinet, inspired by French cinema, sounds thoughtful and tender. It is the perfect background for nostalgic film scenes and sophisticated portraits.

  7. Economic Activity UBM 2400

    Serious atmosphere for technical and social issues. Marimba and strings.

  8. Electron Beam UBM 2125

    Midtempo groove with rhodes chords and quirky synth noises

  9. Minimalus No.2 UBM 2430

    Modern film music. Driving, subtly nervous, emotional without kitsch. For sophisticated documentaries and podcasts on contemporary topics such as mobility, generation conflicts and global challenges.

  10. Jour De Pluie UBM 2353

    An exciting, thrilling journey, positive and enthralling.

  11. Reflection UBM 2281

    Slightly lighter track with ambient, atmospheric sounds and busy electric piano notes. Minimal, breezy.

  12. Heliostation UBM 2429

    Thoughtful track at a medium pace. For reports and podcasts on topics such as environmental protection, global warming and renewable energies.

  13. Synergy Bass UBM 2280

    Casual track that is suitable for urban content and casual atmospheres.

  14. Dark Pole UBM 2205

    Exploratory underscore, perfect for nature and science documentaries.

  15. Data Driven UBM 2254

    Dynamic, positive and fast. Suitable for modern themes as well as innovative technical development.

  16. Heat Drift UBM 2426

    Serious, yet not too heavy. String accents, a repetitive synth line and post-rock guitar characterize this emotional track. Great for features on society, crime or politics.

  17. Newsfake UBM 2401

    Dynamic, ticking, moving. Reminscent of data streams and stock ticker.

  18. Clouds UBM 2178

    warm, relaxed, jaunty

  19. Optimistic Change UBM 2382

    Positive, optimistic, innovative. This track spreads hope. Ideal for reports on innovative technologies and smart ideas.