Playlist image Fridays For Future | Climate Emergency
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Fridays For Future | Climate Emergency

Fridays For Future is a rapidly growing social youth movement with millions of school strike participants every Friday. It was launched in August 2018 by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, calling for swift policies to tackle climate change.

Tracks (11)

  1. The Day After UBM 2364

    An easy beginning with a busy background that builds with suspense.

  2. Frontline UBM 2363

    Mid-tempo, thrilling composition for scenes in the newsroom. Deep piano tones with restless strings.

  3. Storm Clouds UBM 2323

    Dramatic and serious. Somber cello melody over pulsating synths and drum accents. Foreboding,

  4. Lights UBM 2356

    Thought provoking and melancholic with a good tempo, and soulful violin.

  5. Facing The Truth UBM 2330

    Post-apocalyptic mood. Dreamy soundtrack with electric guitar and a steadily rising orchestra.

  6. We Will Find A New Way UBM 2335

    Fragile female vocals accompanied by soft piano and electronic sounds. Ideal for emotional scenes, beginning hopefulness and moments of despair and solitude. Reduced and instrumental versions available.

  7. Climate Change UBM 2361

    The climate is about to collapse. It´s five minutes to midnight. Haunting chimes, ticking clocks and dark, spherical soundscapes convey an end-time mood.

  8. Gift UBM 2351

    Dramatic events take their course. Serious, momentous, foreboding.

  9. 13 UBM 2329

    An increasing panic makes the heart beat faster…Frightening piano echos and abstract sounds create fear and nervousness.

  10. Piano Vibrations UBM 2271

    Dark piano and synthesizer build up some tension.

  11. To Close UBM 2277

    Time is ticking. Ideal for sci-fi but also for quiz shows with thrilling moments.