Playlist image 2023 Women's World Cup
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2023 Women's World Cup

Starting July 20th, Australia and New Zealand will host the ninth FIFA Women's World Cup. 32 nations will take part in the World Cup, who want to qualify for the knockout stages in eight groups of four. The finale will take place in Sydney on August 20th.

Tracks (17)

  1. Wide Eyes UBM 2502

    For posts about extreme sports like base jumping or wingsuit flying. Pounding metal guitar riffs meet a catchy synth line and powerful drums. Powerful, dynamic, raw.

  2. Funky Fitness UBM 2468

    Whether it's a fitness course or a workout at home with the online tutorial: if you exercise regularly, you'll stay fit and healthy for longer! This motivating pop track with funky e-guitar, bass and drums will get any couch potato moving.

  3. A57Mottier TWPM 063

    Gradually building minimal electronica with techno-house beat, giant pulsating bass line, female vocal sample, and hypnotic chord sequence.

  4. Night Drive To Saturn TWPM 050

    Super catchy, melodic synthwave with 80s arpeggio bass and driving beats.

  5. Speed Axes UBM 2314

    Simple guitar riff, handclaps and energetic drums characterize this punk-influenced indie rock smasher. For feeling energetic, refreshed and motivated.

  6. King Of Cruise UBM 2478

    With the windows rolled down, the SUV glides through the urban landscape. Gentle beat, medium tempo, between relaxation and coolness.

  7. Free Kick UBM 2358

    Very powerful rock song. Minimal vocals, Deep guitars and a positive chorus to create a powerful atmosphere. 

  8. Keytarate UBM 2480

    Intoxicating synth pop in the style of the 80s. Optimistic, ready to go, futuristic.

  9. Maskandi Ace SAF001

    Young, ambitious and friendly. Ideal track for a friendly game in football.

  10. Plastic Diet UBM 2485

    What begins as a 1990s eurodance or techno hit is soon torn apart and reassembled into an eclectic, fidgety pastiche for the meme age.

  11. City Jam TWPM 030

    Powerful drum ensemble that promotes group cohesion and team spirit. Sporty, sporty.

  12. Skate Legends UBM 2457

    Powerful instrumental skatepunk for sport and action. Not too aggressive.

  13. Miami Vice UBM 2479

    In the nocturnal sea of lights in the city, the images in front of the car window blur into a surreal collage. Flowing, cool.

  14. Soccer Fanatics SLAM0017


  15. Spreading fire TWPM 006

    Catchy guitar riffs on simple rock drums in an easy and laid back manner.