Playlist image November 20: Start of the 2022 World Cup
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November 20: Start of the 2022 World Cup

The opening game of the 2022 World Cup will take place in Qatar on November 20. The award to Qatar was accompanied from the start by allegations of bribery. Revelations have shown that some FIFA officials' votes have been bought. Another criticism of the host is the country's problematic human rights situation.

Tracks (16)

  1. Maskandi Ace SAF001

    Young, ambitious and friendly. Ideal track for a friendly game in football.

  2. Free Kick UBM 2358

    Very powerful rock song. Minimal vocals, Deep guitars and a positive chorus to create a powerful atmosphere. 

  3. Snakepit UBM 2411

    Oriental-inspired composition with percussion and sampled flute. Here tradition meets modernity!

  4. Firmengeflecht UBM 2346

    The ticking score to undercover journalism about corrupt individuals and dark deeds in business and politics.

  5. Secrets Of The Universe UBM 2433

    Western and Far Eastern musical influences meet here. What starts out as a folk-inspired track develops into a very dramatic soundtrack for games and action films.

  6. Refugees 2 UBM 2258

    Tragic, heavy, lost. This track with oud and strings is ideal for dramas and documentaries about difficult human fates.

  7. The Participants UBM 2468

    Beautifully instrumented, slightly folky composition for acoustic guitar. Accompanies reports on social issues and social commitment.

  8. Indie Dragons HT0098

    Electro Rock, Rock guitars, lead synths, organ, big drums, synth bass, fx

  9. Invisible Creatures UBM 2464

    Far removed from social perception, the powerful pull the strings to maintain their status. For thrillers or articles about mafia structures.

  10. Skate Legends UBM 2457

    Powerful instrumental skatepunk for sport and action. Not too aggressive.

  11. Speed Axes UBM 2314

    Simple guitar riff, handclaps and energetic drums characterize this punk-influenced indie rock smasher. For feeling energetic, refreshed and motivated.

  12. Spreading fire TWPM 006

    Catchy guitar riffs on simple rock drums in an easy and laid back manner.

  13. Soccer Fanatics SLAM0017


  14. Marauder UBM 2295

    Defined rhythm and orchestral fills will make you the center of action.

  15. Floating Money UBM 2319

    Ticking hihat pattern and dark synthesizer layers create images of speculation, potentially shady business transactions and very serious business.