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Gender Equality

Equality as an expression of social justice leads to equal participation in personal development opportunities. In this way, gender equality also creates the freedom and social space to realize individual life plans. Photo: Priscilla Du Preez (

Tracks (17)

  1. Startup Spirit UBM 2400

    Modern, slightly thoughtful but optimistic backround track for consumer magazines and crowdfunding campaigns.

  2. Are You Serious? UBM 2161

    reflective, humorous, urban; slow cello and marimba

  3. At Last UBM 2364

    A flight through the vastness of space, easy flowing track.

  4. Reception UBM 2346

    Repetitive and subtle theme for investigative content, criminal activities or dangerous scenarios.

  5. Emotional Threshold UBM 2402

    Warm, flowing electronica for modern, tech-savvy content. Radiates youth, dynamism and warmth.

  6. Research UBM 2258

    Time is running out. This track, characterized by piano, synthesizer and strings, conveys a feeling of hecticness and threat.

  7. Our Movement UBM 2382

    Thoughtful piano piece with strings that add a dramatic touch. Critical, disappointed, ready to fight. Perfect for social movements and rebellion.

  8. Full Of Memories UBM 2383

    This neoclassical piano piece accompanied by the cello invites you to remember and ponder. Ideal for retrospectives, historical contributions and eyewitness reports.

  9. Minimalus No.6 UBM 2430

    Subtle dramatic beginning with piano cascades and soft strings. Increasing intensity with violin accents and finally a modern hip-hop beat with ticking hihats and bass drum. Modern and versatile.

  10. Dynamic 07 UBM 2114

    Percussion, drum version of Dynamic 05

  11. The Golden Path UBM 2245

    Piano chords and abstract sounds create an atmosphere of sublinimal beauty and enigmatic depth. Emotional and mysterious.

  12. Problem Manager UBM 2426

    Serious strings and warm piano chords create an urgent atmosphere. Ideal for documentaries about global warming and environmental activism.

  13. Trace Profile UBM 2408

    Tense, electronic soundscape for investigative situations.

  14. Peace UBM 2351

    Introspect, heartfelt melody with melancholic undertones. For serious scenes and difficult desicions.

  15. When Will You Come? UBM 2335

    Dreamy piano piece. Hesitant, minimal. Great for images of icy landscapes, silent reflection and solitude.

  16. Dark Tension UBM 2183

    dangerous, nervous, foreshadowing

  17. Doubts UBM 2389

    Quiet doubts arise. Thoughtful composition with sophisticated instrumentation. Introverted, questioning, open.