Playlist image Giro d'Italia

Giro d'Italia

The road bike race was originally supposed to take place from May 9th to May 31st, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic from the beginning of 2020, the start date of the race has been postponed to October 3rd to 25th. According to the organizers' plans, the first three stages will be held in southern Italy instead of Hungary. Photo: Paolo Candelo (

Tracks (15)

  1. Sky Is The Limit UBM 2272

    Optimistic, soundtrack for images of success with piano, e- guitars, strings, big percussion. Suitable for human portaits, company presentations, advertisments, success, spacy, modern architecture, elegant flats, dynamic and modern lifestyle.

  2. Sta-Trak UBM 2193

    Determined rock track with a memorable opening riff.

  3. Giocoliere UBM 2250

    An exuberant accordion piece that is reminiscent of a warm family celebration or a lively farmer's market in Italy.

  4. Social Change UBM 2382

    Dramatic strings, marimba and piano create a threatening mood that suggests social resentment, delicate affairs or an economic collapse.

  5. Rainy Days UBM 2115

    It is nice at the Mediterranean sea, even when it rains...

  6. Reaching The Summit UBM 2392

    A carefree summer day in nature is coming to an end. Harmonious, happy and relaxed with electric guitar and rockier elements in the second part.

  7. Fettucini HT0401

    Italian Dinner Music With Mandolins and Guitar

  8. Upspeed Drive UBM 2210

    High-energy track with a steady beat, guitars and drum accents.

  9. Story Of Success UBM 2268

    Adventurous, bold, confident. This track is suitable for expeditions and personalities who are ahead of their time.

  10. More Than Alive HT0051

    Sports action rock track conveys confidence, determination, energy, success, and greatness.

  11. Winner UBM 2358

    Faster positive britpop type song, creating a cheerful mood. Hopeful to the end.

  12. Speed Axes UBM 2314

    Simple guitar riff, handclaps and energetic drums characterize this punk-influenced indie rock smasher. For feeling energetic, refreshed and motivated.

  13. The Clown UBM 2342

    Good-humoured waltz with piano, strings and bandoneon. Evokes a Circus ring with all its emotional ingredients.

  14. Forgiveness UBM 2387

    Choir, strings and piano make for an impressive track full of grandeur and hope. Perfect for movies and computer games.