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Hacking is often associated with cybercrime. Unauthorized persons gain access to digital systems, often in order to cause damage. Political conflicts are now also being fought out digitally, among other things. Our nerdy soundtrack to the topic:

Tracks (20)

  1. Invisible Creatures UBM 2464

    Far removed from social perception, the powerful pull the strings to maintain their status. For thrillers or articles about mafia structures.

  2. Dos Hack FE001

    With these tones, the hairs on the neck stand up - who was kidnapped?

  3. Kanaos UBM 2304

    Airy track with gentle sequences. Perfect for pictures of space and technology.

  4. Investigation Montage UBM 2274

    Sober, almost neutral track, ideal topics such as development and research.

  5. System malfunction TWPM 009

    Distracted beats with nervous lead synth and arpeggiated synths and electronic textures.

  6. Free TWPM 003

    Soft drum and bass groove with psychedelic synth arpeggios, ethnic choir shouts and floating synthesizer pads featuring female vocal samples.

  7. Biogenetic Dance UBM 2145

    Quirky pulsating structure, mid tempo.

  8. Neuroplasticity UBM 2442

    Crystalline, percussive synthesizer arpeggios with sparse electronic beats. Ideal for neurological topics, features about networks and big data and investigative research.

  9. Photon Future UBM 2348

    Percussive echoes and an energetic synth sequencer. Atmospheric, futuristic, urban sound.

  10. Curious UBM 2211

    Energetic, determinded, investigative, analytical.

  11. Sunlight On Water UBM 2283

    Flowing mid-tempo track; ticking electronica.

  12. CT Scan UBM 2468

    Advice programs and product presentations in the fields of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical technology are appropriately accompanied by this neutral electronic track.

  13. Busy Sequencing UBM 2310

    Cascading sequencing lines over dark piano pads characterize this energetic, dynamic tracks. Ideal for images of motion and technical developments as well in contexts that require authentic sounds from the 70s and 80s age of synthesizer experimentation.

  14. Algorithm Alive UBM 2232

    Ticking track for future-oriented topics and new technologies.

  15. Chemical Research UBM 2221

    The investigation is in full swing and a new lead is being followed. Questioning, technical and modern.

  16. Calling Pluto UBM 2305

    Mysterious, warm, calm. Very subtle beat starts at 1: 21. Soft and atmospheric.

  17. Tech Conference UBM 2394

    Fast arpeggios, the sound of analog synthesizers and experimental sound elements characterize this retro track. Hip, urban, confident.

  18. Club Fantastica ARTFCD05

    Trancy dancefloor beats

  19. Mansplaining UBM 2401

    The lines glow, the private detective sets off to investigate. Clicking old-school soundscape for images of rush, secrecy and data transmission.

  20. Eurocopter UBM 2465

    Hong Kong 2052: A black helicopter patrols menacingly over the rooftops of the city ravaged by the Triads' ongoing gang wars.