Playlist image April 30: International Jazz Day
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April 30: International Jazz Day

April 30 marks the eleventh International Jazz Day. UNESCO calls for the celebration of the musical genre, highlighting its important role in the fight against discrimination. The day is celebrated worldwide with musical events. Foto: on unsplash

Tracks (21)

  1. Jazzhead UBM 2264

    Jazzy track with drums and trumpets, typical lounge atmosphere.

  2. Sunwalk UBM 2368

    Jazzy-cool, swinging track for big city shots. Relaxed mood, conveys a positive attitude to life.

  3. Jazz Romance UBM 2288

    A cheerful, bouncy jazz tune with a 1950s Louis Armstrong feel. Featuring Piano, Bass, Guitar and Trumpet.

  4. Straight Ahead ARTFCD39

    Full-on modern jazz with guitar and sax

  5. Noisy Minds UBM 2443

    Walking bass and phasy fusion organ conjure up swirly psychedelic inner worlds, driven by a frenzied swing beat. Equally suited for depicting altered states of mind as well as to act as an in-between music for audio plays with a familiar retro appeal.

  6. Acoustic Swing 2 UBM 2280

    Jazz, lively, lively. For casino scenes, heist movies or cultural programs.

  7. Crazy Seduction UBM 2242

    Sleek, classy, seductive. Steady ride cymbal, warm trumpet and cool bassline.

  8. Comedyspannung UBM 2194

    Smart tune between cartoon and classic spy movie. Jazzy drums, trumpet, organ and funky guitar bits.

  9. Retro Master UBM 2294

    Upbeat & classy 60s spy theme. For secret missions and spies with style.

  10. A Jazz Thing SLAM0015

    Elegant, bold, playful. This jazz composition for piano is reminiscent of upscale cocktail parties or dignified restaurants.

  11. Busy Lizzy UBM 2448

    Even track with funky elements. For infomercials in late-night programming.

  12. Gently Swinging UBM 2417

    A bittersweet ballad with a slight Balkan jazz note. Emotional and with a gentle swing.

  13. Smooth Moves UBM 2276

    Relaxed, jazzy track for late night programs or heist movies.

  14. Bass Attitude ARTFCD36

    Jazzy finger plucked double bass

  15. Dark Flow UBM 2447

    A rumbling, low-register pedal tone forms the canvas for a jazzy right-hand improvisation, the individual notes of which echo in the room crystalline and searching.

  16. The Duke UBM 2261

    Jazzy film music for so-called heist movies. Adventure, excitement and satisfaction guaranteed.

  17. Don't Think Too Much UBM 2444

    The work-life balance is right, the system works. The day is yours. "Don't Think Too Much".

  18. Rhodes To Nowhere ARTFCD31

    Funky upbeat jazzy Rhodes piano

  19. Sunday Brunch UBM 2391

    A jazzy lounge track made for a relaxed Sunday breakfast in bed. Airy, warm and laid-back.

  20. Funky Time UBM 2436

    Funky-jazzy track that exudes joie de vivre and curiosity. Cool, clever, smart.