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Investigative Journalism

In times of rapidly spreading news and fake news, investigative journalism is more important than ever. Thorough and comprehensive research has brought many a scandal to the public and held those responsible accountable.

Tracks (17)

  1. Spirit UBM 2351

    Lively marimba and longing strings create a serious atmosphere that matches films and documentaries about politics, society and the economy.

  2. Clouds UBM 2267

    Electronic Track with synthesizer and spheres, electronics. Ideal for daily news and weather reports.

  3. Explanatory UBM 2238

    Artificial and warm at the same time. Works for images of investigation, science and technology as well as for society, psychology and the human mind. Beat sets in at 01:15.

  4. Sneaky Fox UBM 2432

    The detective has taken the lead and is gathering clues. Playful soundtrack with a retro touch, great for family TV, ironic commentary or flashbacks.

  5. Reception UBM 2346

    Repetitive and subtle theme for investigative content, criminal activities or dangerous scenarios.

  6. Those Facts UBM 2271

    Tension, drama, time pressure. Ideal for thrillers and investigative content on true crime.

  7. Minimalus No.6 UBM 2430

    Subtle dramatic beginning with piano cascades and soft strings. Increasing intensity with violin accents and finally a modern hip-hop beat with ticking hihats and bass drum. Modern and versatile.

  8. Severe State UBM 2426

    Marimba and echoing percussive sounds are accompanied by a downbeat at a medium tempo. Questioning and subtly mysterious; for investigative formats and political magazines.

  9. Rigid Sketch UBM 2251

    Thanks to investigative journalism, an economic scandal was uncovered. For serious reporting and documentation.

  10. Investigative Journalism UBM 2396

    Track with questioning sound, which is suitable as a jingle for newspapers and investigative journalism.

  11. Exception UBM 2218

    Serious, repetitive investigation theme with piano, strings and a subtle pulse.

  12. Hazard UBM 2278

    Danger is imminent! Modern, detached sound, ideal for political reports. Investigative journalism.

  13. Dubious Facts UBM 2408

    Dark track that fits dubious machinations and unsolved criminal cases.

  14. Dripping Groove UBM 2208

    Clever midtempo track, expressing discovery, curiosity and examination.

  15. Comedyspannung UBM 2194

    Smart tune between cartoon and classic spy movie. Jazzy drums, trumpet, organ and funky guitar bits.

  16. Bouncy Banja UBM 2270

    Fast, emphatic track ideal for documentaries and reports.

  17. Undercover UBM 2363

    Pure percussive excitement with strong suspense filled overtones.