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Jazz Moods

Photo: Spencer Imbrock on Unsplash

Tracks (24)

  1. Midnight Sun UBM 2512

    Modulating saxophone arpeggios with reverb. They express movement, but they also go well with images of historical upheavals, emerging works of art or chronological sequences.

  2. Noisy Minds UBM 2443

    Walking bass and phasy fusion organ conjure up swirly psychedelic inner worlds, driven by a frenzied swing beat. Equally suited for depicting altered states of mind as well as to act as an in-between music for audio plays with a familiar retro appeal.

  3. Blue Bird Swing UBM 2483

    Lively sounds stream out of the rustic bar onto the street. Jazzy, moody music for contributions about jazz culture, New York or the bohemian. Available in numerous edits with and without a solo instrument.

  4. Playful Drums UBM 2500

    Jazzy improvised drums with a lot of spatial sound. Perfect for art magazines, features on music culture or extraordinary advertising. 60 BPM.

  5. Night Shift TWPM 047

    Muted jazz trumpet on vinyl hip-hop beats with electric piano chords.

  6. Before You Go To Sleep UBM 2252

    Relaxed, jazzy, sophisticated. The saxophone and acoustic guitar create a positive and calm mood. For smoky bars and cocktail parties.

  7. Common Sense UBM 2448

    Thoughtful and at the same time open and tolerant. For documentaries and biographical features.

  8. Happy Afternoon TWPM 013

    Jazzy funky groove featuring jazz guitar theme and solo with saxophone fills.

  9. Coco Cabana UBM 2473

    A gentle breeze blows across the white Caribbean beach, which leaves nothing to be desired, even for experienced long-distance travellers. Jazzy, casual electric guitar chords are contrasted with a soulful trumpet.

  10. Flea Market Sherlock UBM 2458

    Detective flair meets retro charm here. Jazzy vibes for cult detective stories, cartoon sheriffs and gangster comedies.

  11. Sunwalk UBM 2368

    Jazzy-cool, swinging track for big city shots. Relaxed mood, conveys a positive attitude to life.

  12. Crazy Seduction UBM 2242

    Sleek, classy, seductive. Steady ride cymbal, warm trumpet and cool bassline.

  13. Unwinding UBM 2455

    Enjoy the sunset with friends or relax with a drink in the hotel bar: this smooth jazz track is guaranteed to set the mood.

  14. Delicate Breeze UBM 2288

    Busy neo-classical piano piece with a jazzy edge to it. Ideal for images of arts, culture, nature or a classy piano bar.

  15. A Jazz Thing SLAM0015

    Elegant, bold, playful. This jazz composition for piano is reminiscent of upscale cocktail parties or dignified restaurants.

  16. Vertical UBM 2326

    Calm, jazzy, late night, fascinating, floating.

  17. After Dark ARTFCD41

    Jazz influenced electric piano and rhythms

  18. New Orleans Magic ARTFCD39

    Traditional jazz with trumpet and banjo

  19. Lunch with Newman UBM 2323

    Light, dynamic track featuring clarinets, mallets and piano. Busy, slightly jazzy and modern at the same time. Neutral to playful mood. Suitable for news, arts and culture programs.

  20. Comedyspannung UBM 2194

    Smart tune between cartoon and classic spy movie. Jazzy drums, trumpet, organ and funky guitar bits.

  21. Piano Samba Tune UBM 2265

    Laid-back bossa nova that takes you right back to the 1950s and 1960s.

  22. French Onions ARTFCD01

    Gallic hot jazz

  23. Hotel Lounge UBM 2373

    The perfect soundtrack for scenes in a chic hotel lobby, an elegant scene restaurant or an expensive car during the night drive through the city. Faster version with 120 BPM.