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High-Quality Journalism

The title of quality journalism is awarded to high-quality journalism that is characterized above all by careful research and factual reporting. In contrast to tabloid journalism, for example, it fulfills characteristics such as independence, duty of care or research quality. Our playlist contains musical suggestions that are characterized by their special originality and are particularly well suited for documentary formats and sophisticated art and culture programs. Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

Tracks (16)

  1. Infaltilis UBM 2326

    Imagination unleashed. Sound design meets groove.

  2. Escargot UBM 2353

    Carefree, slightly rolling along.

  3. Moving Forward UBM 2219

    Marching, minimalistic, serious, constant move.

  4. Nervous Dreams UBM 2341

    Confused and unable to fall back to sleep. Tension is spreading. Marimba and guitar create minimal nervous mood.

  5. Haunted Blues UBM 2447

    Harmonically focussed on a piano drone, this improvisation piece conjures up nervous unease. Slow and smouldering.

  6. Moon Gem UBM 2402

    A wonderfully light track with a subtle retro charm. Great for programs on art, design, comics and modern sustainable living.

  7. Acoustic Questions UBM 2280

    Careful and wondrous track, suitable for scenes of sleeping and dreaming.

  8. Crystal Palace UBM 2289

    Subtle simple and filigree. A beautiful organic background for various situations. Light or serious.

  9. Shaping UBM 2443

    Soft electric piano sounds meander slightly aimlessly over a pad of walking bass and swing drums. Uncertainty and doubt may be expressed thus, albeit not entirely hopelessly so.

  10. Hanna's Theme UBM 2342

    Sparse, serious score for piano. Also available as an à cappella version. Bleak, touching, minimal.

  11. Cold Sunday UBM 2417

    This waltz for accordion and clarinet, inspired by French cinema, sounds thoughtful and tender. It is the perfect background for nostalgic film scenes and sophisticated portraits.

  12. Locked Outlook UBM 2368

    Jazzy melody at a relaxed pace. Airy, stylish, laid back.

  13. Firefly Sky UBM 2410

    Magical, fleeting sound for images of swarming animals and rays of the sun flickering through the leaves.

  14. Story UBM 2351

    High-quality soundtrack for modern TV series and documentaries, radio broadcasts and podcasts. Neutral mood.

  15. Passing Scenery UBM 2239

    Serious, intellectual, minimal. Contemporary classical, modern. For dramas, documentaries and eyewitness reports.