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Middle Ages

The Middle Ages is the epoch in European history between the end of antiquity and the beginning of the modern age, approximately the period between the 6th and 15th centuries.

Tracks (15)

  1. On The Marketplace UBM 2371

    This quiet composition with bagpipe, flute and timpani takes the listener to a medieval marketplace.

  2. Master of the Sky UBM 2308

    Starts out very melancholy but picks up energy with marching drum and rising strings. Majestic sounding real orchestra for images of flight, awakening and voyage.

  3. Stabat Juxta UBM 2375

    Oriental composition with original instruments. Ideal for any historical documentary.

  4. Oriental Tune UBM 2417

    Passionate track that invites you to dance between klezmer and oriental folk music. Increasing energy, great for travel impressions and reports on topics such as migration and tradition.

  5. Medieval Dance 1 UBM 2379

    Whether it's a medieval fair, castle festivals or a knight's party with happy dancing harlequins. This song with ancient instruments fits perfectly into every film about the Middle Ages.

  6. Conqueror UBM 2387

    Dramatic track accompanied by an impressive choir. Ideal for spectacular war scenes or computer games.

  7. Dragon Slayer UBM 2404

    Spectacular piece with increasing intensity. Dramatic strings, choir and drums.

  8. Battle At Down HT0047

    Orchestral track featuring epic choirs, strings and timpani drums. Works well for an epic fantasy or battle scene.

  9. Saltarello 2 UBM 2126

    Anonymous, Italy, 14th century. Certainly the most popular dance that has been 'bequeathed' from that period.

  10. Gregorian Resonance UBM 2331

    Modern take on medieval music. A monks' choir meets piano and strings. Great for fantasy films and historical contexts. 68 bpm

  11. Monks From The Future UBM 2435

    Latin singing with vocoder. Retro-futuristic, unusual, original.Latin singing with vocoder. Retro-futuristic, unusual, original. The text, Omnia Sol Temperat, is known from Carl Orff's setting and comes from the medieval poetry anthology "Carmina Burana."

  12. Rising Sun UBM 2433

    The epic soundtrack for historical material, adventure films and games about Vikings, crusades or battles.

  13. Battle Morning UBM 2243

    Imposing and driven composition for adventure and action. Power and military strength are suggested. Calmer ending.

  14. Hades UBM 2427

    Disturbing score for animated films, heroic epics and online role-playing games. Epic, bombastic.

  15. Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem UBM 2100

    Bells of one of the largest and oldest churches in the centre of Jerusalem's Old City