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In times of change and uncertainty, it is important to practice self-care and to lead a mindful life. Photo: Georgia de Lotz (

Tracks (17)

  1. Fallen Angel UBM 2421

    Neo-classical piece with jazzy elements. For art content and sophisticated documentaries.

  2. Cold Sunday UBM 2417

    This waltz for accordion and clarinet, inspired by French cinema, sounds thoughtful and tender. It is the perfect background for nostalgic film scenes and sophisticated portraits.

  3. Compassion UBM 2383

    This track spreads hope and optimism. Suitable for programms about the prevention and treatment of addiction and professional medical care in general.

  4. Tokyo Exhibition UBM 2267

    Percussive and mysterious track with marimba and synth pads not only for art and culture. The sound is reminiscent of a sprayer.

  5. Bloody Day UBM 2364

    Deep and minimal ambience.

  6. Dreaming My Life UBM 2368

    Stylish, slightly melancholic jazz with trumpet, piano and acoustic guitar. Catchy main melody. Thoughtful, sophisticated, elegant.

  7. Chinese Impression UBM 2352

    Inspired by Asian music. Ambient composition for quiet pictures. Perfect for topics such as health, wellness and holidays.

  8. Purity ARTFCD94

    Rolling neutral chimes with temple bells and warm progressions

  9. Underwater UBM 2370

    A gripping, light intro that builds into a deep, spacious background. Perfect for deep sea images.

  10. Northern Light UBM 2268

    A dazzling and quiet track. Works great for relaxing, images of wide landscapes or wellness-related topics.

  11. Memories UBM 2367

    An enthralling piece that will keep you on the edge of passion, waiting for some cumulative moment.

  12. Heavens Gate UBM 2305

    Ethereal synthesizers; new-age style. Monasteries and old gothic buildings come to mind.

  13. Lovely Scenery UBM 2369

    Calm, pensive composition that radiates harmony and peace. Twilight, an eventful day comes to an end.

  14. Engrossed In Thought UBM 2271

    Serious, thoughtful piano with a choir. Ideal for documentaries, farewell scenes and dramas.

  15. Jinbocho UBM 2350

    A walk trough the japanese antique and curio shops would be ideal with this airy simple composition.