Playlist image 85 years of Monopoly

85 years of Monopoly

The board game Monopoly will be 85 years old in 2020. The game was invented by the American Charles Darrow. Monopoly is available in a total of 114 countries in 47 languages. Over 300 billion in-game currency is printed every year - that's more than the Federal Reserve makes. In addition, 500 million houses and 180 hotels are produced for the board game every year. Over a billion people have used the game once. Photo: BP Miller (

Tracks (15)

  1. Jump And Run UBM 2321

    Like a fully instrumented version of video game scores from the 1980s and 1990s...

  2. Take It Easy UBM 2231

    Playful and curious, ideal for children's TV and daytime programs.

  3. My Old Flute UBM 2290

    Ukulele and pizzicato strings characterize this track, radiating happiness and optimism.

  4. Really Busy UBM 2253

    Rock/pop with driving beats, loopable, accentuated by electric guitar and synthesizer. Ideal for a video insert for programme announcements or the background of credits.

  5. Bubblegum UBM 2365

    Fun, lively track with acoustic guitar, strings, handclaps and fun sound effects. For childrens' TV, clowns and commercials for toys.

  6. Scurry ARTFCD01

    Skittish, ducking & diving

  7. Fuel Happiness UBM 2227

    Warm, uplifting track for commercials and trailers. Very family-friendly.

  8. Lucky Whistler UBM 2129

    Short cut opener/trailer for television, commercials & cinema

  9. Early Birds UBM 2354

    Happy track with a feelgood melody on the acoustic guitar. Perfect for family programs and morning shows.

  10. Funny bone UBM 2148

    Funny bones dancing through a warm stringed wood

  11. Sunset Surfing UBM 2284

    Positive track, suitable for images of holidays, beaches and sunsets. Easy-going and relaxed.

  12. Comet UBM 2359

    Positive acoustic guitars with bass and drums, later driving and urging. Short Version 1: happy, easy, relaxed. Short Version 2: flowing mood. Short Version 2: impelling, urgent.

  13. Neutral Groove UBM 2208

    Friendly and open-minded yet neutral theme. Piano and gentle drums.

  14. Vacation Tune UBM 2265

    Elated, positive, light. Guitar and Xylophone.