Playlist image May 14, 2023: Mother's Day
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May 14, 2023: Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a day in honor of mother and motherhood. It has been established in the western world since 1914, starting in the United States. In German-speaking countries and many other countries, it is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. This year the holiday falls on May 14. Photo: Eye for Ebony (

Tracks (18)

  1. Bicycle Path UBM 2467

    Warm acoustic guitar and a cheerful keyboard melody form the appropriate musical background for excursion tips, weather reports or relaxed leisure activities. Warm, relaxed.

  2. Another Beautiful Day UBM 2481

    More and more young people value a good work-life balance, with extra quality time spent together and keeping up with other leisurely pastimes.

  3. Life Storyline UBM 2459

    Calm and thoughtful, neutral rather than overly negative. Well suited for biographical features on eventful fates full of ups and downs.

  4. Too Many Toys UBM 2484

    The children's room is a mess! However, a courageous approach will bring order sooner or later. This cheerful track with acoustic guitar, marimba and keyboards creates a good mood between mountains of toys and empty cookie boxes.

  5. Slackerstrum UBM 2265

    Thoughtful singer-songwriter track with acoustic guitar reminiscent of campsites, campfires and stick bread.

  6. My Funny Ukulele UBM 2290

    Uplifting and fun tune that works for advertisement and kids-programs.

  7. Zero Waste UBM 2468

    Every year, millions of people are plagued by pollen, allergies, etc. This heartfelt track also reminds us of the beautiful sides of spring: outdoor exercise, blooming rapeseed fields, and warming rays of sunshine.

  8. Beauty Appear UBM 2336

    Touching composition for emotional shots that convey nearness and loving affection.

  9. Life UBM 2466

    Life can be so beautiful! On holiday just let your mind wander and stroll along the pearly white beach in the gentle sea breeze. Tropical, sunny, just in a good mood!

  10. Lost In Time UBM 2354

    Thoughtful, not too heavy pop ballad with acoustic guitar and piano. Warm, emotional and great for pictures of beautiful memories.

  11. Fragrance UBM 2324

    Soft, hesitant piano and warm trumpet. Questioning, careful, curious, optimistic.

  12. Feeling Sexy UBM 2343

    Passionate unplugged ballad with acoustic guitar and piano. Increasing intensity for emotional scenes and big feelings.

  13. Old Love UBM 2341

    Nostalgic, romantic, looking back. Guitar and ambient sounds.

  14. Memories UBM 2367

    An enthralling piece that will keep you on the edge of passion, waiting for some cumulative moment.

  15. Back Home UBM 2280

    Positive and relaxed track for feelings of home. Warm, familiar, calm.

  16. Retro Kitchen UBM 2332

    Sensual and jazzy, this track combines retro organ with bright strings and surf guitars. Fun, quirky, cheerful.

  17. Happy Thoughts UBM 2364

    Light, open happy and positive.

  18. Family Day UBM 2392

    An idyllic day with the family full of harmony and joy. This acoustic guitar piece is particularly suitable for advertising and early evening programs.