Playlist image 24.-25.02. Night of the Jumps Berlin
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24.-25.02. Night of the Jumps Berlin

Impressive tricks on two wheels at dizzying heights: That's exactly what the "Night Of The Jumps" in Berlin is all about. In the "Freestyle of Nations" competition, three teams compete against each other in different disciplines in freestyle motocross. Photo: Glenn Hansen/ Unsplash

Tracks (15)

  1. Drag Race UBM 2312

    Fast track hard rock/ metal instrumental with a high testosterone level. Forceful drums, heavy guitars, bad-ass attitude.

  2. Freerunning Crew UBM 2411

    For youth-oriented content such as sport, lifestyle, fashion and pop culture.

  3. Go Fight TWPM 038

    Dynamic trailer track featuring massive big rock drums mixed with dupstep beats and sound-design elements. Giant orchestra brass hits and energetic metal guitar riffs with male indie rock vocal hooks. Brave and unstoppable!

  4. Skate Legends UBM 2457

    Powerful instrumental skatepunk for sport and action. Not too aggressive.

  5. Urban Architects UBM 2479

    Extensive parks with public sports facilities, mirrored skyscrapers and wide cycle paths characterize urban city planning today. This neutral track is the appropriate accompaniment for reports about it.

  6. Final Battle UBM 2453

    Strong, assertive and resounding. Ideal for the grand finale of an action film.

  7. Brain Salad UBM 2393

    Varied instrumental metalcore. Loud staccato riffs alternate with downbeat passages, intricate rhythms and quieter parts. For images of extreme sports and metal culture.

  8. Climb high NYH001

    With its cheerful tune this track fits for fun action and sports.

  9. Blister X SLAM0016


  10. Thrillseeker UBM 2225

    Extremely dramatic action score. Thrilling and bursting with energy!

  11. Metal UBM 2325

    Fast and furious riffing, pummeling drums and a fun breakdown part for images of action, extreme sports and subculture.

  12. Angry Guitars UBM 2210

    Heavy guitars and mad drums define this track's aggressive, forceful character.

  13. Gladiator UBM 2358

    Post apocalyptic guitar with bombastic drums. Perfect for trailers and powersports. Epic, heroic with minimal choir vocals. For the games of the future.