Playlist image Oscars 2022
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Oscars 2022

And the Oscar goes to... The 94th Academy Awards ceremony will honour the best films of 2021 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California on March 27th. Photo: Philippe Collard (

Tracks (17)

  1. In A Whirl ARTFCD98

    Exciting snare drums and bass create an aura of suspense before the full orchestra sets hin.

  2. Boys Behaving Badly UBM 2242

    Vibraphone, trumpet and jazzy drums create a vintage sound. Upbeat, sneaky, classy like a 70s spy film.

  3. Auric Haversham UBM 2261

    Clarified, bold, dynamic. The ideal sound for so-called heist movies.

  4. Serious Brass UBM 2270

    Dramatic, impressive, epic. Strings, brass and piano create an exciting and emphatic atmosphere. For dramas.

  5. Good Luck UBM 2303

    Mid-tempo beat with drum roll accents and repeated piano chords characterize this laid-back track. Some saxophone for a smooth, sophisticated atmosphere.

  6. Sculptures UBM 2404

    This magical composition takes the listener into an idyllic fairytale world. It goes well with pictures of gardens, romantic excursions and royal pleasures.

  7. Olden Days UBM 2321

    Vintage tv theme with plenty of retro charme.

  8. Undoubted Winner UBM 2243

    Moving, triumphant and emotional. With choir, drums and strings. Big movie sound. For trailers, action, adventure, history.

  9. Everyday Story ARTFCD89

    Mini piano concerto prelude with orchestral build to end

  10. Before You Go To Sleep UBM 2252

    Relaxed, jazzy, sophisticated. The saxophone and acoustic guitar create a positive and calm mood. For smoky bars and cocktail parties.

  11. Strings United UBM 2265

    Happy feel-good tune; ideal for positive images and advertisement. Strings.

  12. VIP Only UBM 2420

    Minimal house that sounds like underground parties at an advanced stage. Medium pace, gradually building up with increasing intensity.

  13. Cool And Busy UBM 2253

    Bass, synths, electric guitars and drums. Cool pop sound with funk elements, suitable for casinos and posts about glamorous after-hours parties.