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We love our animal companions! Dog, cat or bearded dragon – animals we live with are often loyal friends. Naturally, numerous TV formats, films and radio plays are dedicated to them. And we have the perfect soundtrack for these productions here:

Tracks (17)

  1. Wonderful World UBM 2417

    Happy, child-friendly music for pictures of harmonious family life, sustainable lifestyle and carefree times.

  2. All Problems Solved UBM 2426

    Happy handclaps, ukukele and acoustic guitar characterize this family-friendly track for pictures of carefree times.

  3. Find Out About It UBM 2124

    Light-hearted ukulele rag for curious kiddies

  4. Mice On Rollerskates UBM 2456

    Curious composition for electronic organ and flute. Hasty, funny, idiosyncratic.

  5. Stormy Weather UBM 2231

    Slow, warm, reflective, thoughtful.

  6. Take It Easy UBM 2450

    Playful and curious, ideal for children's TV and daytime programs.

  7. Play Fun UBM 2264

    Happy track with slight drums, glockenspiel, tuba and easy-going whistling. Perfect for kids shows and comedy.

  8. Vacation Tune UBM 2265

    Elated, positive, light. Guitar and Xylophone.

  9. Little Cowboy HT0447

    Funny melody, ideal for cartoon and animation. Perfect for advertising, children's movies, funny videos, tv programs, and cartoons.

  10. Rum Zeck UBM 2320

    Small brass ensemble playing a fun polka with happy whistled melody. German/ Bavarian folk style with tuba, french horn and flugelhorn.

  11. Animal Parade UBM 2276

    A positive, funny track accentuated by mallets, clarinet and tuba, ideal for images of comedy and circus.

  12. Grosses Tier UBM 2194

    Jazzy, mellow & cool. Like a big animal exploring its surroundings.

  13. Buffoon One UBM 2321

    Old-fashioned piano melody for scenes of childhood, pets, circus or the varieté. Like the soundtrack for a film from the 1920s or 1930s.

  14. Chaotic Trip UBM 2201

    The clown enters the arena and the children are thrilled. Silly, clumsy and funny.

  15. Amazing Day UBM 2185

    Harmonious, good-natured and a little clumsy. For harmonious topics such as family, pets and babies.