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Piano Day

Piano Day promotes the diversity, development and musical dimensions of the piano. Piano concerts are held in many cities. The day was established in 2015 by Nils Frahm. Since then, Piano Day is always celebrated on the 88th day (based on the number of piano keys) of the year on March 29.

Tracks (18)

  1. Little Light UBM 2239

    Playful, innocent, childlike.

  2. Coincidence UBM 2248

    Subtle, flowing melody for serious reports and documentaries.

  3. Delicate Breeze UBM 2288

    Busy neo-classical piano piece with a jazzy edge to it. Ideal for images of arts, culture, nature or a classy piano bar.

  4. Piano Vibrations UBM 2271

    Dark piano and synthesizer build up some tension.

  5. Waterfall UBM 2333

    Gently flowing piano etude; beautiful, relaxing and minimalistic.

  6. Childrens' Nightmare UBM 2329

    Mysterious piano echos create an atmosphere of tenseness and disquieting expectations. Something is out there and waiting…

  7. Sad Contemplation ARTFCD31

    Solemn solo piano

  8. Tough Trial UBM 2220

    Deep in thoughts, reflective, pondering. Very cinematic solo piano.

  9. Esperanza UBM 2447

    A percussive, seemingly endlessly repeating high-register piano motif unfolds over a carpet of a repeating, harmonically sparse major key piano arpeggio. Processed with backward effects, the motif later takes on an almost flute-like impression.

  10. Feather Dance UBM 2362

    Dreamy, naturalistic piano. Single tones like raindrops or sunbeams on the surface of a lake. Relaxing, minimalist.

  11. Goodnight UBM 2324

    Sweet piano lullaby for the young and the ageless. Tender, caring, loving.

  12. Calm Picture UBM 2208

    Peaceful. Quiet solitude that leaves the listener hopeful and relaxed. Piano.

  13. A Cortazar En Rayuela UBM 2252

    Melancholic solo piano piece that makes you contemplate. Lonely, regretting and sad.

  14. Fantasie UBM 2101

    allegro-feeling, with slight intamacy, light, dancing like a ballerina

  15. Fun Di UBM 2273

    Tender and light beginning, develops into a bittersweet melody, growing faster and lively, piano. Suitable for images of reunions of old friends and playing children.

  16. Hanna's Theme UBM 2342

    Sparse, serious score for piano. Also available as an à cappella version. Bleak, touching, minimal.

  17. Coast UBM 2367

    Beautiful solo piano, thoughtfully composed with a nostalgic touch. Great for history and culture programs.

  18. Tollpatsch UBM 2194

    Solo piano. Clumsy and shy movements.