Playlist image Ramadan


Ramadan, the month of fasting for Muslims and the ninth month in the Islamic lunar calendar, takes place from April to May. According to the Islamic view, the Koran was revealed in it. Lent begins on Tuesday April 13th in 2021 and lasts for a month. It ends with the festival of breaking the fast, also known as the sugar festival. Muslims are then only allowed to eat and drink after sunset. Photo by Artur Aldyrkhanov on Unsplash

Tracks (15)

  1. Oriental Dimensions UBM 2380

    Authentic oriental cello piece that takes the listener to a bazaar full of colorful impressions and aromatic smells.

  2. Longing For Desert UBM 2328

    Slow, mysterious track with arabic influence. Ideal for movies but also documentaries.

  3. Sands Of Forever HT0045

    Arab-Pop-like-beat is intoxicating and filled with mysterious longing; breathing accents from 1:47 evoke intrigue in a dark, hot desert.

  4. Walk On The Wild Side Of Marrakesh UBM 2236

    Arabic; Asian; traditional; ethnic; world music; authentic; exotic; oriental

  5. Middle East Bounce HT0089

    Middle East Feel Synth Loop

  6. Long Way UBM 2306

    Electric guitar, mysterious claps and dark synthesizer effects in the beginning. Oriental mood and atmosphere created by traditional instruments and oriental rythm.

  7. Remedy UBM 2281

    Modern interpretation of classic oriental, soft melodies. Characterised by a conciliatory mood with a smooth, peaceful character.

  8. Refugees UBM 2258

    Refugees from Middle East travel on water and land on their escape from violence and crime. This track gives an impression of the dramatic and dangerous situation. Duduk and oud set in.

  9. Nile River UBM 2156

    Arabic tune with solo instrument, orchestral backing and drums

  10. Arabic Market UBM 2319

    Busy like a middle-eastern market. With drums and flutes, influenced by Arabic music and Western film scores alike.

  11. Turkish Nights UBM 2156

    Arabic tune with string and wind instruments and percussive groove

  12. Roots To Cairo UBM 2146

    Orient inspired percussion patterns are accompanied by atmospheric strings as well as a flute.

  13. Oriental Night UBM 2326

    An exotic mid tempo track to convey the cultural diversity of a major city.