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Saint Patrick's Day

Not only in Ireland, parades and celebrations are held every year on March 17 in memory of the Irish bishop and missionary. Saint Patrick is considered the patron saint of Ireland and the day is a public holiday in Ireland. The festivities are marked by the color green, in some cities the rivers are also dyed green. Foto: Julian Hanslmaier on

Tracks (15)

  1. Third Class UBM 2286

    At the Irish wedding, all family members and friends celebrate wildly. Traditional, lively, cheerful.

  2. Shepherd's Pie UBM 2437

    Reports on Ireland's traditional culture are given the final sonic polish by this upbeat Irish folk track. With flutes, claps and guitar he invites you to line dance in the pub.

  3. St. Patricks Day UBM 2419

    Banjo and fiddle are used to dance. Good-humored folk rock.

  4. Mauchline UBM 2359

    Happy, Scottish-sounding theme with acoustic guitar and violin. For travelogues, historical documentaries and advertising with folkloric flair.

  5. Reaching Dryland UBM 2465

    Catharsis, the end of the plot is finally here. Heroic-hymnal with Celtic elements.

  6. Gorgeous Highlands UBM 2331

    Bagpipe and acoustic guitar deliver the musical backdrop to panoramic views of the Scottish countryside. Calm, organic, majestic.

  7. Mountain Summit ARTFCD31

    Fresh-aired Celtic flute with reverb

  8. NTATE MS001

    Friendly, warm violin sounds reminiscent of Irish landscapes. Ideal for travel magazines and reports about the green island.

  9. Evening At The Castle UBM 2371

    Festive, slow track for medieval festivals and gatherings. Fiddle, flute, percussion.

  10. A Strum, A Drum 5 UBM 2416

    This ballad with flute and bagpipes brings back memories of your last vacation in Scotland.

  11. Medieval Dance 1 UBM 2379

    Whether it's a medieval fair, castle festivals or a knight's party with happy dancing harlequins. This song with ancient instruments fits perfectly into every film about the Middle Ages.

  12. Celtic Mist ARTFCD01

    Unplugged tearjerking ballad

  13. Happy Thanksgiving UBM 2419

    Happy folk with a warm atmosphere. For exuberant village festivals and gatherings.

  14. Monster Ball UBM 2358

    Classic rock song with celtic rock undertones, perfect for large audiences. With great guitar melodies. Blockbuster.