Playlist image September 2, 2023: school enrollment in Berlin
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September 2, 2023: school enrollment in Berlin

The first day of school for children is called school enrollment. There are various customs associated with this particular event. At some schools introductory events are held, tours of the buildings are taken and parents hand over little presents. The school enrollment ceremony in Berlin will take place on September 2 this year. The first day of school is the following Monday, September 4. Photo: Tima Miroshnichenko (

Tracks (18)

  1. Little People UBM 2365

    Strings and glockenspiel evoke a sense of Christmas, snowy landscapes, bustle and snowball fights.

  2. Happy People Walk UBM 2459

    Light-hearted, cheerful and slightly drowsy, this track offers the right vibes for relaxation and concentration.

  3. The New Treehouse TWPM 042

    Sweet, cosy acoustic bed with hand claps, acoustic guitars featuring hooky organ melody.

  4. Four Paws UBM 2467

    Fun family-friendly track with brass, drums and e-piano. For children's programs, zoos or entertainment shows.

  5. Sunshine Day TWPM 051

    Positive modern acoustic track with lots of guitars, bell like synths and whistle. Happy-go-lucky.

  6. Signals In The Sky UBM 2487

    A new day is dawning, our protagonist, who has remained young at heart, tackles today's tasks with verve. A quiet drumbeat is combined with a lively shuffle, piano and various playful sounds. Fresh, tongue-in-cheek, suitable for families.

  7. Fun Kazoo UBM 2290

    Whistling, kazoo, drums and ukulele create a joyful atmosphere.

  8. Debutante Season UBM 2489

    The service staff is in full swing with preparations for the next social event. Urgent strings convey a hectic atmosphere. Busy, tasteful, royal.

  9. Playground First Time UBM 2399

    Ideal for children's programs, knowledge podcasts and articles about funny animals and craft hobbies.

  10. Let's Walk Somewhere UBM 2264

    Relaxed, calm sound with banjo and guitar. For idyllic family content and advertising.

  11. Busy Bee UBM 2321

    Vivid surf guitar and rumbling backup band featuring organ and cymbals. Silly, cartoonish, fun.

  12. Funny Zoo UBM 2441

    The marimba, piano, and electronic drums create the perfect atmosphere for posts about small animals, family outings, and kid-friendly locations.

  13. Plug In And Play My Tele UBM 2372

    Timelessly cool track, dynamic and straightforward. Drums, guitar, bass and organ create the right band sound for sports and entertainment programs.

  14. Gym Sports UBM 2124

    Quirky house tune with cookin’ organ

  15. Little Bee UBM 2337

    Happy, uplifting music for commercials, TV and children's programs.

  16. Milk UBM 2231

    Energetic, warm, fun track with a catchy melody.

  17. Earworm UBM 2385

    This lively melody immediately reminds you of a carefree childhood and pets. Friendly and harmonious.

  18. Fuel Happiness UBM 2227

    Warm, uplifting track for commercials and trailers. Very family-friendly.