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Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley in the southern San Francisco Bay Area in California is home to numerous start-ups and global technology companies. Apple, Facebook and Google are among the best known. Here are also institutions specializing in technology around Stanford University in Palo Alto. NASA's Computer History Museum and Ames Research Center are in Mountain View, while the Tech Museum of Innovation is in San Jose. Photo: Marius Ciocirlan (

Tracks (14)

  1. Business Case UBM 2400

    Lively track with marimba and strings. Conveys a spirit of optimism and positive energy.

  2. World Of Work UBM 2385

    Casual track that radiates summer, sun and surfing fun. Relaxed topics and tips about traveling can be accompanied appropriately.

  3. Tesla Time UBM 2348

    Fast synthesizer sequence with bassy bits and guitar chords thrown in. Pulsating, forward moving, leading the market.

  4. Creative Process UBM 2396

    Fresh sound for innovative start-ups and do-gooders. Positive, creative and smart.

  5. Welcome To California UBM 2377

    California, summer, sun and the ocean: this track combines the hustle and bustle of the big city with a relaxed surfer lifestyle.

  6. Club Fantastica ARTFCD05

    Trancy dancefloor beats

  7. Collar Con A UBM 2261

    Quiet, relaxed track that still sounds smart and dodgy. With drums, electric guitar, bass and Rhodes.

  8. Flowing Boy Voice UBM 2352

    Spherical, flowing sounds for images of breezy expanses, the cosmos and the underwater world. Harmonious and peaceful.

  9. Bad Tempered ARTFCD03

    Driving piano & percussion

  10. Summer One Three UBM 2391

    Quiet chill-out atmosphere for relaxed brunching in the café. Enjoying and calm.

  11. Knocker UBM 2358

    A drive through the night, the glitter of the city. With electro and light industrial effects.

  12. Adrenaline UBM 2312

    Up-tempo, driving, neo-punk song exciting and flowing.

  13. Innovative Moments UBM 2233

    Playful, positive, enjoyable. Great for advertisement and uplifting messages.