Playlist image July 19: Nationwide Simson Day
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July 19: Nationwide Simson Day

Since 2019, the nationwide Simson Day has been celebrated in Germany on July 19 in honor of the iconic GDR two-wheeler brand. Launched by fans of the Suhl two-stroke motorcycles, motorcycle exhibitions and joint trips are organized throughout Germany on this day. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Tracks (15)

  1. Sonic Blow UBM 2242

    Electric guitar, brass and busy drums form a vivid combination of garage rock and retro big band sound. Grand finale for fun action and good times.

  2. Reverser UBM 2321

    Can you smell the tires? This is one hell of a ride.

  3. Coffee Table Boogaloo UBM 2458

    The stands are set up at the flea market, dealers and buyers look forward to exciting negotiations. This cheerful rock 'n' roll matches the happy anticipation.

  4. Electronic Hit UBM 2352

    Grooving vintage track with shimmering keyboards. Reminiscent of the 1980s and early synthesizer experiments.

  5. Good Vibes UBM 2357

    It's Saturday night ... time to head to the disco!

  6. Garage Sale HT0074

    Garage/Frat Rock track with groovy and swinging drums, a very cathy bass line, electric guitars and organ, bands like Ceasars and The Sonics comes to mind.

  7. Destiny UBM 2372

    Great rock song with a vintage feel. For (analog) pictures of moped gangs, flea markets and youth culture in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

  8. Another Life UBM 2459

    Friday night: In the back of a cab, on the way to an elegant cocktail bar – past the neon signs and traffic light shine of the city.


    70's grooves with retro organ.

  10. Thunderbird UBM 2294

    Neo-soul with just enough funk and laid-back attitude to get mods and original hipsters dancing. Sleek, agitated, carefree.

  11. Spy Surf HT0045

    Great for a comedy retro spy scene. Think of Spy vs Spy in a surfing duel. Features surfguitars.

  12. Jumping High UBM 2334

    Determined arpeggios and drum machine impacts characterize this propulsive track that works on the dance floor as well as - for example - the soundtrack to a bicycle race.

  13. Picnic Day UBM 2185

    Easy-going, relaxed guitar track that is reminiscent of a trip with a picnic on the lake.

  14. Rev It Up HT0039

    High-energy garage rock with youthful energy.