Playlist image Start of Winter

Start of Winter

The 21st of December is not only the shortest day of the year, but it also marks the start of winter. On this frosty occasion, we present 14 quiet, sparsely-arranged pieces – perfect for watching the snowflakes gently fall by the window with a hot cup of tea. Photo: Greg Rakozy (

Tracks (14)

  1. Countryside UBM 2333

    Pensive, deep in thought. Tender piano piece for images of quiet landscapes and solitude.

  2. Icy Shelter UBM 2364

    Starts with slight melancholia, then builds up positive energy.

  3. Moscow Winter UBM 2292

    Contemplative, reflective and thoughtful backdrop for any emotional or pensive images.

  4. Tatra's Winter UBM 2355

    Romantic composition for images of snowy expanses and frosty landscapes. Epic, dramatic, perfect for historical documentaries and movies.

  5. Crime IV - Why Me UBM 2335

    Bleak composition for tragedy, the aftermath of a catastrophe or frozen environments. Cold, eerie, leaving very little hope.

  6. Icecapes UBM 2388

    Romantic track full of feeling. Farewell pain and longing are presented convincingly. For romantic love films and reports about transience.

  7. Alaska - Sitka UBM 2246

    Shimmering, fragile, mesmerizing. Beautifully icy and warm at the same time. Electric guitar with plenty of reverb.

  8. Snow Blanket UBM 2410

    Thoughtful, minimalist piano composition. For emotional pictures and nature shots.

  9. Snow UBM 2341

    Slow and melancholy electric piano. Pensive, meditating, sad.

  10. Empty Field UBM 2323

    Slow underscore for post-apocalyptic sceneries. Dark, mysterious, empty.

  11. A Lot Ahead UBM 2383

    The piano and strings create a cold atmosphere reminiscent of dew, melting snow and white winter landscapes. Ideal for nature documentaries, climate change and melting poles.

  12. A Winter Night UBM 2239

    Abstract yet beautiful soundscape with an experimental edge. Scattered piano tones, percussive sounds and ambient layers form the soundtrack to a freezing winter night.

  13. Romantic Moog UBM 2422

    Wide, sparse landscapes or the wonders of the underwater world are transported by this strangely majestic track.

  14. Polar Scapes UBM 2339

    Chilly soundscape, somewhat threatening. Like a long march through the blizzard...