Playlist image Staying Home

Staying Home

For all the people who are (unintentionally) in the home office: This playlist creates a positive atmosphere in gray November.

Tracks (22)

  1. Fresh Day ACL233

    A happy, upbeat, festive and uplifting track, featuring uke, percussion, drum kit and bass, as well as celesta, glockenspiel, keyboards, and marimba

  2. Busy Bee UBM 2321

    Vivid surf guitar and rumbling backup band featuring organ and cymbals. Silly, cartoonish, fun.

  3. Dying Ember UBM 2359

    Relaxed atmospheric picking acoustic guitars for images that express closeness to nature or a warm, peaceful togetherness.

  4. Time Goes By UBM 2318

    Sweet, whimsical, warm track for the whole family. Increasing intensity. Great for commercials, daytime TV and children's programs.

  5. Summer's Night UBM 2369

    This quiet accordion melody evokes images of a warm summer evening in the countryside. Bullerby idyll.

  6. Dreaming My Life UBM 2368

    Stylish, slightly melancholic jazz with trumpet, piano and acoustic guitar. Catchy main melody. Thoughtful, sophisticated, elegant.

  7. Summer Whimsy ACL214

    Bike riding on the beach, walking the dog. Determined and happy with lots of energy. Fast paced retail, lets go shopping!

  8. Miel Des Fleurs UBM 2353

    A nice open flowing, with deeper elements for contemplation.

  9. Ordinary Life UBM 2354

    Warm folk-pop ballad for scenes that radiate humanity and joie de vivre. Lively, motivating, bringing joy.

  10. Funkulele UBM 2264

    Uncomplicated, relaxed, positive. This track creates a relaxing holiday mood.

  11. Take A Ride In My Car UBM 2372

    Starts with acoustic guitar, then develops into an optimistic, cheerful track between rock'n'roll and pop. Lively and with a cult factor.

  12. Farmhouse Indie ACL220

    Bouncy, playful, and upbeat with a steady acoustic guitar rhythm backing an appealing bell melody. Similar to Matt Hires and Belle and Sebastian.

  13. Magical UBM 2332

    Warm and tender, yet energetic. Strummed guitar and accentuated strings characterize this flowing, merry track. Rich instrumentation and vocal bits for added depth.

  14. Bagga RG001

    Relaxed reggae track that makes Caribbean vacation dreams come true. Summer, sun, palm trees and the beach.

  15. My Funny Ukulele UBM 2290

    Uplifting and fun tune that works for advertisement and kids-programs.

  16. Finally at Home UBM 2113

    Beautiful piano ballad. Spanish guitar adds to the warm mood of the song.

  17. The Whistler ACL038

    humor and satire easy going whistle cabaret mime just a little Randy Newman

  18. Chin Up ACL228

    Determined and driving, this piece strides along with confidence and purpose. Piano chords and drums pound while a melody rounds out the energy. Billy Joel