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American Football Fever

American football is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. In Germany, it is mainly younger viewers who follow the playoffs and the Superbowl on TV and root for their favorite teams. Photo: Keith Johnston (

Tracks (15)

  1. Freerunning Crew UBM 2411

    For youth-oriented content such as sport, lifestyle, fashion and pop culture.

  2. Go Fight TWPM 038

    Dynamic trailer track featuring massive big rock drums mixed with dupstep beats and sound-design elements. Giant orchestra brass hits and energetic metal guitar riffs with male indie rock vocal hooks. Brave and unstoppable!

  3. Bounce UBM 2423

    Futuristic hip-hop sounds for features about millennials, street culture and urbanization.

  4. Skate Legends UBM 2457

    Powerful instrumental skatepunk for sport and action. Not too aggressive.

  5. Let It Drop UBM 2287

    Electronic workout music to animate all sport activities.

  6. Drag Race UBM 2312

    Fast track hard rock/ metal instrumental with a high testosterone level. Forceful drums, heavy guitars, bad-ass attitude.

  7. Heavy Hardship UBM 2314

    This track works like an instant energy kick: repetitive guitar theme over dramatically building synthesizer lines. Tense and confident, between rock and electronic music.

  8. Stadium UBM 2358

    High energetic trance sound. Catchy melody inciting you to dance.

  9. Our World UBM 2234

    Fun track, youthful and energetic, with a characteristic synthesizer line.

  10. Lovesick UBM 2325

    Fast indierock with fun punk influences. Catchy guitar riff and heart-punding drums. Full of energy and vigor. 177 bpm.

  11. Big Rivals UBM 2229

    Showdown! Forceful and relentless track for images of nerve-racking action.

  12. Glory Years UBM 2269

    Hard, aggressive and yet hopeful. For motorsport or extreme sports.

  13. Power Circuit UBM 2312

    New metal smasher that combines harsh electronics with uncompromising metal riffing. Packed with energy and ready for action!

  14. The Champion UBM 2243

    Electronic drums, choir and bass-heavy synthesizer. Lighter piano and guitar parts by way of variation. Both modern and epic, with dubstep elements.