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Travel Shows

On a discovery tour round distant shores – travel formats kindle our wanderlust and whisk us away to the big, wide world. A short escape from the drudgery of everyday life, a temporary immersion in foreign cultures – from the comfort of our own living room. Photo: Caroline Selfors on

Tracks (15)

  1. Pictures Of Samos UBM 2188

    Solemn track that authentically captures Greek hospitality. Cosy, warm-hearted, traditional.

  2. Gran Tarantella UBM 2250

    This lively track creates a mood of enjoyment and happiness. Ideal for cooking programs and Italian cuisine. Mediterranean sound with piano, clarinet, flute, percussion, castanets and double bass.

  3. Canvas Street UBM 2443

    Piano, double bass and drums intertwine with each other associatively, subliminally evoking scenes of nocturnal city life and the 20th century. The jazz age.

  4. Afro Dynamics SLAM003

    Very dynamic saxophone solo in the African style.

  5. Almeria UBM 2311

    Spanish guitar, acoustic, passionate, romantic, traditional, folk, lively, vibrant, festive, flamenco.

  6. Alaska - Tanaina UBM 2246

    Ambient guitar; poignant and introspective. For films and documentaries on nature and wilderness.

  7. Heiwazima UBM 2350

    Strong emotional epic composition.

  8. Expreso al corazon UBM 2142

    Erotic, emotional, passionate. Saxophone and guitar combine to create a warm track for late night programs and love scenes.

  9. Mountain Summit ARTFCD31

    Fresh-aired Celtic flute with reverb

  10. Galla Water UBM 2446

    The harvest has been gathered, the table is set. The reward for a hard day's work foamingly pours itself into earthenware jugs.

  11. Sunshine After The Rain UBM 2437

    Warm folk ballad. Our tip for features about sustainable travel, healthy eating and historical events.

  12. ZIM FEST AP001

    Peaceful, warm and authentic. For reports on African cultures and ways of life between tradition and boom.

  13. Zwölfer UBM 2320

    Balkan style dulcimer and percussion. For authentic background music for features about European mountains.

  14. Quail One UBM 2292

    Slow flowing, dramatic and cinematic composition, with a passionate melancholic cimbalom leading the way.