Playlist image UBM Production Music Library - First Impressions

UBM Production Music Library - First Impressions

Tracks (31)

  1. Escargot UBM 2353

    Carefree, slightly rolling along.

  2. Myth UBM 2289

    An undulating, interesting keyboard sequence, stimulating and flowing.

  3. Business Case UBM 2400

    Lively track with marimba and strings. Conveys a spirit of optimism and positive energy.

  4. Genius UBM 2326

    Confident, yet dizzy. Doing your own thing. Sampled, groovy guitar.

  5. The Snow Bunny and the Owl UBM 2317

    Playful, mischievous, full of character. Sophisticated composition for full orchestra. For feature films and nature documentations alike.

  6. Space Flight UBM 2315

    Beautiful mid-tempo track for travel, contemplation, relaxation and flight.

  7. Make Me UBM 2252

    Positive pop-groove, relaxed theme. Drums, guitar, bass, synthesizer.

  8. Worm Cast UBM 2321

    Guitar and oldschool synthesizer in a sweet mid-tempo track somewhere between folk and electronica.

  9. Sunset UBM 2287

    Spring break sounds to kick off that summer feeling. Progressive house track for pool parties.

  10. Gotanda UBM 2350

    This track with string and light percussive evokes images of travel through Asian landscapes.

  11. Point Of No Return UBM 2378

    No-nonsense beat for depictions of contemporary youth culture, life in a metropolis or a tough attitude.

  12. La Belle-Soeur UBM 2115

    A twinkle-toed gumbia featuring a drunk brass section.

  13. Absolutely 80s UBM 2394

    A happy retro track that will bring back the 80s. For TV and radio broadcasts with a strong vintage vibe.

  14. A Tribute to Nino Rota UBM 2342

    Bowing to the Golden Age of Italian film, this sostenuto piece calls to mind black and white arthouse cinema and timeless scores.

  15. Feeling Good UBM 2399

    Carefree, happy instrumental with ukulele and handclaps. Great background music for tutorial videos, kids programs, DIY podcasts, and crowdfunding campaigns.

  16. Russula UBM 2341

    The moments of self doubt every artist is confronted by during their artistic process.

  17. Speed It Up UBM 2385

    Dynamic, fresh and young. Ideal for political podcasts or innovative ideas.

  18. Lest We Forget UBM 2236

    Neo-classical piece with strings, flutes and acoustic guitar for cultural features and sophisticated documentaries.

  19. Art Heist UBM 2261

    Hammond organ, wind instruments and drums ensure a mysterious and confident track. Perfect for films about skilful art or bank robberies of likeable gangsters.

  20. When the Twilight Comes UBM 2308

    With the help of the full orchestra, bells, flute and harp create a magical mood of curiosity and subtle excitement. Dream-like, playful and intriguing.

  21. La Ciudad UBM 2311

    Very fast authentic Spanish track accompanied by cello. Wonderful melody with deep feeling. 

  22. Unterwegs UBM 2320

    Marching rhythm based on piano and tenor horn with brushed jazz drums and a happy whistled melody. An easy-going mood for images of leisure, wanderlust, afterwork fun and excursions through the countryside.

  23. Fake News UBM 2346

    Busy string theme for breaking news and develoing stories. Urgent, serious, on point.

  24. Light Games UBM 2170

    fast & floating movement; atmospheric tension

  25. Psychedelic Bass UBM 2280

    Playful, funky feel-good track for uplifting images.

  26. Homeless UBM 2368

    Modern jazz with flugelhorn and electronic beat. For images of a nocturnal metropolis, upscale lifestyle, art, architecture and more recent history.

  27. Snowflakes And Snowballs UBM 2201

    pizzicato strings, bells, orchestra; dreamy, magical, steadily moving forward

  28. Our Movement UBM 2382

    Thoughtful piano piece with strings that add a dramatic touch. Critical, disappointed, ready to fight. Perfect for social movements and rebellion.

  29. Southbound UBM 2338

    Mellow acoustic blues duet. For images of outdoor activities, road trips and an evening by the campfire.

  30. Conversation UBM 2351

    Fast strings and bright marimba for pictures of busyness, election campaigns and urgent life in the big cities.

  31. Jazz Bossa UBM 2369

    Jazzy bossa nova melody reminiscent of the early James Bond, elegance and stylish cocktail evenings of a bygone era.