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A vaccination, also known as a protective vaccination, vaccination or vaccination, is the administration of a vaccine with the aim of protecting against a (communicable) disease. It is used to activate the immune system against specific substances. Vaccinations were developed as a preventive measure against infectious diseases. Vaccinations are currently available against a wide variety of viral and bacterial infectious diseases. Photo: Azazello BQ (

Tracks (15)

  1. Hacking The System UBM 2346

    The sound of research, analytics and lab work. Gripping but not too threatening.

  2. Gloop! ARTFCD06

    Bubbling intestinal rhythms

  3. Sweet Compounding UBM 2223

    scientific, colourful, warm yet questioning

  4. Diagnosis UBM 2381

    Objective, simple, reduced. This track is suitable for trade fairs, research and laboratory reports.

  5. Intercepted UBM 2344

    Enigmatic and potentially dangerous. The crime scene is being investigated…

  6. Old School Sequence UBM 2347

    Hip analog synth sequence for the popular spatial sound of the 80s and early 90s.

  7. The Winds UBM 2340

    Ticking underscore for images of industrial design, technology and research.

  8. Time Is Running Out UBM 2241

    Nervous atmosphere, vaguely threatening. Also works for scientific research and medical investigation.

  9. Happy Waiting UBM 2373

    Meditative sounds to neutral background images of waiting and reflection. What will happen next?

  10. Analyse UBM 2291

    Mysterious, steady electronic chops, with bass and beat.

  11. Mystic Piano UBM 2254

    Emotional piano melody that has both mysterious and confident sounds. Suitable for documentaries about places shrouded in mystery or about the work of geniuses.

  12. Slow It Down UBM 2179

    laid-back, reflective, calming down

  13. News Update UBM 2396

    Important, serious, serious. Suitable for breaking news.

  14. Common Mode UBM 2296

    Steady and still, for the predator laying in wait...

  15. Some Sorrows UBM 2265

    Time is running out, thoughtful, concerned. Piano.