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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, or VR for short, is the representation and simultaneous perception of reality and its physical properties in a real-time, computer-generated, interactive virtual environment. Photo: Martin Sanchez (

Tracks (16)

  1. Infaltilis UBM 2326

    Imagination unleashed. Sound design meets groove.

  2. Future Delirium UBM 2394

    Retrofuturistic track that brings the 80s back to life. Dreamy, spherical, emotional.

  3. Punishment UBM 2225

    Serious and determined. Dark synthesizers and heavy drumming combined for maximum action.

  4. Pixels UBM 2321

    Retro video game sound, short 8bit chip tune.

  5. Arrival Of The Hero UBM 2347

    Retro sounding analog synths and a bubbly soundbed create an air of mystery. Reminiscent of old computer games.

  6. Last Train Out UBM 2334

    Accentuated yet warm synth pop track in uplifting mood. Human, vibrant, urban.

  7. Moments UBM 2318

    Melancholic guitar with floating sequence and piano.

  8. Black Forest UBM 2317

    Epic score for fantasy and adventure films. Promising and romantic.

  9. Eternal River UBM 2387

    A magical virtual reality is brought to life with this track. Suitable for science fiction, battle royale and magical fantasy creatures.

  10. The End Is Near My Friend UBM 2401

    Vintage sound that creates images of cowboys or daring adventurers.

  11. Drumming Out UBM 2146

    Energetic track with big beats, strong tom-tom patterns and wah-wah-guitar. Yet relaxed.

  12. Phoenix UBM 2325

    Something is out there…Slow heavy rock track with a mysterious undertone.

  13. Retro Games UBM 2396

    Electronic retro sound reminiscent of the 1980s. Walkman, Gameboy and early computer games.

  14. Quirky Times UBM 2385

    Hip, young and dynamic, this track is suitable for podcasts and reports on youth culture, gaming, sports or gossip news.

  15. Dead Or Alive UBM 2344

    Investigative, sneaky tune with a mysterious vibe. Someone or something is lurking in the shadows…