Playlist image June 17: 50 years since the beginning of the Watergate affair
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June 17: 50 years since the beginning of the Watergate affair

The name "Watergate" stands for one of the biggest political scandals in American history. A whole series of crimes, attempts at cover-ups and corruption during the tenure of Republican President Richard Nixon was uncovered through journalistic investigative work. On June 17, 1972—50 years ago—reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward revealed in the Washington Post that Richard Nixon was behind a break-in at Democratic polling headquarters. At the end of the subsequent dramatic revelations, the President resigned from office in 1974.

Tracks (15)

  1. Time UBM 2351

    Mysterious things are happening…Unusual track for scenes that indicate increasing danger or secret activities.

  2. Deadline UBM 2363

    The excitement of the printing press, as it rolls out the next big daily newspaper with the top headline.

  3. Boys Behaving Badly UBM 2242

    Vibraphone, trumpet and jazzy drums create a vintage sound. Upbeat, sneaky, classy like a 70s spy film.

  4. Alternative Facts UBM 2401

    Mysterious and waiting. For investigative formats, undercover investigations and mysterious events.

  5. Recon Mission UBM 2261

    Calm drums and bass create an exciting and nerve-wracking atmosphere. Trumpets kick in and the track becomes more dynamic.

  6. Hintermaenner UBM 2452

    A short, mystical melody creates tension. Subtle electronic elements set in create a cinematic atmosphere.

  7. The Plan UBM 2373

    Mysterious ambient track for nature scenes, sophisticated entertainment, timelapse, retrospectives and investigative formats.

  8. Ambiguous Atmosphere UBM 2427

    The right soundtrack for nerve-wracking investigations and exciting laboratory work.

  9. Blame John HT0045

    jazz track with stand up bass strings and guitar. Creates a dark and shifty mood with a laid-back vibe.

  10. Business Crime UBM 2230

    Criminal machinations and scheming plans are forged. For dramas and evening programs.

  11. Duplicity UBM 2191

    A subtle, threatening track that conveys shadiness and mistrust.

  12. Special Duty UBM 2425

    The special unit is determined to deploy. Serious, urgent, significant. For exciting dramas.

  13. Total Concentration UBM 2408

    Quiet track for articles on the shadow economy and conspiracy theories or true crime podcasts.

  14. Dark Force UBM 2229

    Menacing drums, eerie strings and an overall gloomy vibe that would make anyone frown. Modern cinematic sound.